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Their marriage was the longest in history, lasting almost 90 years.  When his wife died, he broke down

Their marriage was the longest in history, lasting almost 90 years. When his wife died, he broke down

The marriage of Sarah and Jacob Hiller from Ontario, Canada lasted almost the entire 19th century – as much as 88 years and 349 days. The couple was claimed to be the longest married couple in history, which was quite a feat considering the average life expectancy at the time.

Although both born in Canada, they moved to the United States after 1812. They first settled in Marine City and then in Elkton, Michigan, where they lived to old age. During their long lives, the Hiller couple experienced many important events in the world – including the Civil War and the Battle of Waterloo.

Their marriage lasted almost 90 years. They lived together almost a whole century

Sarah was born in 1776. Her husband was three years her senior and was born on October 20, 1789 in Eamestown, Eastern Ontario. The couple married in Jacob’s hometown in 1809. A year later, Napoleon Bonaparte married his wife Maria Louise, and Beethoven composed his most famous piece, “For Elise”. Sarah and Jacob’s marriage lasted almost 90 years and aroused admiration and interest. According to the portal “”, the newspaper “The Cincinnati Enquirer” sent a reporter who prepared material about an unusually long marriage.

The journalist described Jacob as a strong man who, despite his advanced age, still had a firm and confident step. He didn’t need glasses until he died, and there was still a glow in his eyes. Time has dealt more harshly with Sarah. Due to her age, her eyesight was failing, and she sat bent over and vulnerable in the corner during the reporter’s visit. “I won’t live long,” she reportedly told a reporter.

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They both lived over 100 years. They raised 11 children

The average age of women in 1841 was 42, and Sarah lived to be 106 years old. 11 children were born. “The oldest is 87 and the youngest is 52,” they told the reporter. When both of them couldn’t cope with daily activities, they sold the house and moved in with one of the children, but living together was not a good idea. Sarah and Jacob quickly changed their minds and moved to a new home where they lived happily alone for 8 years. After his wife’s death, Jacob broke down and began to fail in health. The man died a year after his wife at the age of 109. They were both buried in Oliver Township Cemetery.

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