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From “Hell’s Kitchen” to conversion.  Wojciech Modest Amaro left show business to “live in Mary’s style”

From “Hell’s Kitchen” to conversion. Wojciech Modest Amaro left show business to “live in Mary’s style”

Wojciech Modest Amaro was considered one of the most popular Polish cooks. As the owner of two renowned restaurants, he became the host of the “Hell’s Kitchen” program, thanks to which he gained great recognition. After some time, he left show business and completely entrusted his life to God.

, actually Wojciech Basiura, showed a passion for cooking from an early age, but he was not allowed to develop in this direction. His parents wanted him to get a solid education that would provide him with a well-paid job, so he started studying political science.

Going abroad changed his life. Later, he conquered the Polish gastronomy industry

It quickly turned out that the chosen direction was a bad idea. Amaro left his education and left for Great Britain. There, he got a job in one of the London restaurants, where he began to gain knowledge and develop his culinary skills under the guidance of world-class chefs, including Yannick Alleno and Allain Ducasse. “I was a madman, a hothead who had a twinkle in his eye as soon as he smelled a professional kitchen. I immediately understood that this was the space I was made for,” he recalled in an interview a few years later. After returning to his homeland, he took the position of a chef in the Polish Business Roundtable, publishing two books in the meantime: “Polish Cuisine of the 21st Century” and “Nature of Polish Cuisine”.

The biggest breakthrough in Amaro’s career came when in 2013 he opened his own restaurant “Atelier Amaro”. His cuisine quickly gained crowds of admirers, even receiving the prestigious Michelin star in the gastronomy industry. Soon after, the cook sat on the jury of “Top Chef”, thus gaining a crowd of loyal fans. His popularity was so great that a year later he became the host of “Hell’s Kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen”. Although he was strict and did not spare critical remarks, the viewers loved his temperament and innovative ideas.

His wife’s illness brought him closer to God. After his conversion, he abandoned his previous life

However, professional successes did not go hand in hand with happiness in private life. Amaro has been in a happy relationship with Agnieszka for many years, with whom he raises two sons, Nicolas and Gabriel. At the moment of the restaurateur’s greatest popularity, a shocking diagnosis fell on the family. It turned out that his partner was battling cancer. Although initially the prognosis was not optimistic, eventually the woman managed to overcome the disease, which brought the marriage closer to God. “It changed my outlook on life completely,” Amaro said in an interview with .

After difficult events, the cook decided to completely change his life, and the church wedding was only the beginning of a real revolution. In 2022, the star sold his two thriving restaurants and his house and moved to the countryside with his family. — I left my life completely behind me and try to live “Mary’s style” — during a speech at the Festival of Life in Silesia. Wojciech and Agnieszka Amaro have been working for charity for several years as part of the “Nowe Życie Polska” and “Forgotten Fields Foundation” foundations. They also support the homeless and engage in helping those in need.

Source: Gazeta

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