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Five Common Mistakes When Choosing Your Truck Tires

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The tires are responsible for transmitting power, ensuring maneuverability, carrying the weight of the vehicle, passengers, additional cargo, providing comfort as part of the suspension system, among others. All these functions are 100% fulfilled when the vehicle has correct tires.

Because many occasions are chosen for reasons of aesthetics or fashion, it is important to know the basics to make a good investment. In the case of trucks, which are used as work tools, it is even more important to select the right ones. What type, what rim, what material?

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“It is often believed that trucks adapt to any type of tires because they have superior characteristics to those of other cars. However, choosing the wrong one could cause accidents when driving or performing unexpected maneuvers. It is also believed that the engine is what powers the vehicle, but it cannot provide its full capacity without the correct tires. That is why it is essential to prioritize technical aspects when changing or modifying tires”, explains Carlos Cruz, commercial manager of Hankook Tire.

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The most common errors when choosing a tire are related to the height of the vehicle, the load capacity and the terrain that the vehicle frequents, as well as the specifications of the manufacturers.

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● Width and height:

Not considering the height and width of the tire can affect its center of gravity, since it functions as the ground point that allows the correct operation of the vehicle. They also transmit information to the speedometer and odometer, which give a reading of its performance. To modify the size, design and type of tires, you should consult the manufacturer’s technical data sheet, which details the ideal wheels for the truck, since these take into account aspects such as bodywork, type of steering, braking system, among others. others.

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● Load capacity:

Within the range of trucks there are hundreds of models with different characteristics that can be used for the countryside, the city or a specific job. The load capacity will depend on the kilograms that the load to be transported weighs daily, this is important to know because there are truck tires that have different load indexes or number of canvases, depending on this aspect, the higher the load requirement, the more tarps or high load index requires the tire.

● Terrain:

Trucks have become an indispensable tool for many jobs, which can be carried out in and out of the city. The type of terrain determines the type of tread pattern of the tire, considering that it fulfills several functions such as: adherence to the ground, adaptation to climatic conditions, heat distribution and water circulation. If the vehicle performs on uncovered, mixed or totally off-road terrain, it must have the appropriate tires for its correct operation and to avoid accidents when driving.

● Materials:

The materials from which the tires are made influence the performance and safety of the vehicle. The most important aspects to take into account are: the percentage of high-grip silica, reinforced belt with full cover without joints, reinforced steel belt, polyester carcass, fillers with different degrees of hardness, high-resistance wires, among others. Similarly, it must be taken into account that the structure of the tire has insulation, bead, carcass, belt, sidewall, shoulder and tread.

● Pressure:

Tire pressure reduces accidents when driving, as it guarantees correct contact with the surface. In addition, the tread of a tire that is with higher pressure wears much faster in the center and will be more vulnerable if you drive on a bad road or in poor conditions, since it accumulates heat and water. In this way, it is advisable to know the pressure indexes that the tires must have and must also be constantly checked.

Important facts about tire performance

● The properties of the tire generally degrade after 5 years of use, due to permanent contact with different environmental conditions.

● Some traffic accidents are usually caused by sudden maneuvers that cause the tire to lose its grip on the ground; the risk increases when subjecting the vehicle to extremely heavy loads.

● The most advisable thing is to carry out a periodic review of the performance of the tires, in order to know their condition and avoid accidents.

● In terms of tires, it is advisable to choose recognized brands with a track record in quality, support and warranty.

“The bigger the tires, the more load capacity they have. However, this aspect is directly related to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer and the appropriate technical recommendation is to stick to the specifications established by the vehicle assembler. It is also recommended that before acquiring a vehicle the use that will be given to it be determined, thus taking into account aspects of maintenance and modifications, “explains the specialist.

Source: Eluniverso

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