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German company begins production of cocoa-free chocolate

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According to a study by the University of Oxford, one kilogram of chocolate leaves a carbon footprint of between 19 and 34 kilograms in the environment. Under these conditions, “it is clear that the distribution chain for chocolate is not reliable in the long term, and the confectionery industry itself understands it,” Max Marquart, one of the founders of the Planet A company, told German media. Foods.

Based in Munich, the startup He has already developed a product that, he believes, could revolutionize the confectionery industry: cocoa-free chocolate. The idea is to change precisely the base of the original chocolate, for a compound made with natural ingredients that can be obtained in Bavaria all year round.

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The result can be in the form of powder or paste, which can be used to make ice cream and other products that today use traditional chocolate.

What does chocolate taste like without cocoa?

Around the world, 8,000 tons of ice cream are consumed each year, and consumers’ favorite flavor is chocolate, says Sara Marquart, Max’s sister and co-founder of Planet A Foods.

The demand thus seems to exceed, and by far, the capacity of the traditional chocolate industry. For this reason, the German company has already designed its own production line for cocoa-free chocolate: the first plant in the startup It is capable of producing up to 400 kilograms of cocoa substitute powder per hour.

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But what about the taste? The company states that its products “have a chocolate flavor, with a nougat accent.” The last word will have, finally, the consumer. This will consolidate cocoa-free chocolate as a new form of production with great potential, or it will send it to the trunk of memories. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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