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Miss pageant organizers banned makeup.  They focus on “true beauty without filters”

Miss pageant organizers banned makeup. They focus on “true beauty without filters”

Miss pageant organizers banned makeup.  They focus on “true beauty without filters”

The jury of the Miss London regional beauty contest decided to introduce an unusual rule in this year’s edition. For this event, which has been taking place cyclically for over 100 years, it is the first case in history. What changes were applied in 2023? The organizers completely banned make-up.

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The organizers of this year’s Miss London decided to fully focus on natural beauty. Participants will not be able to use any cosmetics or . This, in turn, is to encourage women to take a realistic look at beauty without filters or “improvers”.

The model shocked the jury. “Make-up shouldn’t define us”

Last year, Melisa Raouf caused quite a stir. The 20-year-old took part in the Miss England contest. However, the student of political science decided not to use any cosmetics and to appear fully natural at the event. She reached the finals, where she received the title of “Bare Face Top Model”, i.e. the best face with no make-up. She wrote about her participation in the competition under a post on Instagram.

I have no problem with using cosmetics, but make-up should not define us. Wearing makeup should not be a standard, but a conscious choice of women

Moreover, Raouf created a movement she called barefacetrendmovement. The action intends to promote a natural look and a realistic view of beauty – without filters. This year, Melisa is also to sit on the jury of the Miss London pageant and help choose the most beautiful natural model.

The current Miss supports the organizers’ idea. “It’s a great way to increase positivity”

The current Miss London, Anjali Sinha, also spoke about the organizers’ decision. The 23-year-old admitted the change couldn’t have come at a better time. In the age of social media, almost all of us create an artificial image of reality. According to Miss, now is the best time to make people aware of natural beauty.

The model supported this decision in an interview with . “There’s a lot of negative stuff on social media, and it’s a great way to increase positivity in the world,” she said. – It allows us to show our true beauty, without makeup and filters – she emphasized

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