Coronation of King Charles III. for the new King of England is just around the corner and it is to be expected that preparations are underway, including the list of artists who will be at Westminster Abbey on May 6, 2023.

Although the most remarkable thing will be that for the first time in the history of the British nobility, a woman of South African origin, Prett Yende, will perform at this event.

She is an opera singer with a rising career and will perform a sacred work composed by Sarah Class to a text by writer Grahame Davies.

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Pretty Yende: the voice that conquered King Carlos III

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Originally from Piet Retief, the soprano achieved few successes in the art world until her hypnotic voice reached the ears of the future King Carlos III and won him over.

The two met at the 75th anniversary of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, held at Windsor Castle in 2022. She sang two arias and, after meeting the next monarch, told him she was starring in a play at the Royal Opera House, to which he replied “if I had known, I would have attended”.

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Just a few months later, her manager called her with news that would change her life. “Beauty, there is a great, great opportunity for you to sing at the coronation of King Charles.”

I was shocked when I found out, he told Tatler. “As an artist, it’s an honor,” he later told reporters about this participation that would mark a turning point in his career.

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Trajectory years

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The beautiful Yende has always loved to sing, and in interviews she revealed that she practiced this hobby every minute of the day, until she learned about opera.

As reported by Toda la Música, her debut was in 2011 at the Latvian National Theatre, where she played Michaela in “Carmen”, a play that allowed her to be in the main theaters of the world.

With his voice, he recorded two albums with Sony Classical, won various opera awards, and in 2013, South African President Jacob Zuma awarded him the Order of Ikhamanga silver medal for international achievements.