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After this confession, Viki Gabor’s Eurovision performance took on a new meaning

After this confession, Viki Gabor’s Eurovision performance took on a new meaning

In the second episode of the documentary series about Viki Gabor, we could learn a hitherto unknown fact about the young singer’s health. It turns out that the girl may never have started singing because she was born deaf.

Viki Gabor is only 15 years old and has already made a stunning career. She was a finalist of the second edition of “The Voice Kids”, but all of Poland heard about her when she performed at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 with the song “Superhero”. It was also heard by viewers from around the world, who also liked the performance of the young singer. They voted for her in such large numbers that the young Polish woman won this edition of the competition.

During the Eurovision show, she was accompanied on stage by sign language interpreters. After the broadcast of the latest episode of the series dedicated to her “My World”, this performance takes on an even deeper meaning. It turns out that after her birth, German doctors suggested that she might be deaf.

Viki Gabor was born deaf. “It was a blow to me”

When the artist’s mother heard the diagnosis, she was devastated. “When Viki was born, it turned out that she would not be able to hear, this was the diagnosis we received from doctors in Hamburg. I must admit that it was a blow to me, because my whole life was also music. Viki did not respond to any auditory stimuli, there was no no auditory reaction. The doctors’ diagnosis simply told us that we had a deaf child – she said in the series “My World”.

Although the situation was very serious, the girl’s family decided to fight for her hearing. They began to seek help in Poland, where the doctors made a different diagnosis. According to them, Viki could not hear because she was struggling with inflammation. The artist underwent surgery as a child, and after a long rehabilitation, her hearing returned.

The artist’s performance at Eurovision had a symbolic overtone

In the second episode, the mother of the singer Ewa Gabor said when she first shared her daughter’s illness with someone. It turns out that it was just before the performance at Junior Eurovision 2019. The family was then supposed to get acquainted with the idea to diversify Viki’s performance:

The story about Viki’s hearing surfaced when we found out what the idea was for the Eurovision performance. I remember that director Anna Cyzowska invited us to her office at that time and presented us with an idea. At that moment, when I heard that there should be children signing, because the message is so that children who cannot hear would know what Viki sings about, I cried in this office. I couldn’t get the words out. (…) It would never have occurred to me that Viki would be an artist of this caliber. Today I can confidently say that. It was just written for her

The family admits that it was important to her to show the world her daughter’s great talent. They didn’t want people to look at her more favorably because of a soppy story. And that’s what happened. Only now, when Viki has a lot of successes, it was decided to reveal the truth about her childhood.

Source: Gazeta

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