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‘Rock’ in Guayaquil! Artists will gather to pay tribute to The Beatles, Nirvana, Queen and other icons of the genre

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A Sunday in the style of rock It will be lived on Sunday, August 7 in Guayaquil. The music of The Beatles, Nirvana, Queen, AC/DC, Kiss and Guns N’ Roses will be the protagonist at the Centro de Arte Theater, starting at 5:00 p.m.

Artists from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Peru and, of course, Ecuador will be in charge of interpreting the iconic artists of the rock.

Emerson Rivera of Ecuador (John Lennon)

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the Beatles have been and are the most influential for the Guayaquil artist Emerson Rivera, 42 years old. Through the group he became interested in music and the guitar. He currently plays John Lennon in his performances.

“John Lennon’s personality was a magnet for me, in all aspects of my life. I began to play the guitar, to imitate him, to watch his videos, until I ran into my friends who formed a band, ”he explains.

The members of the group of which he is a part are also artists who imitate members of The Beatles. “We have been in this for ten years. We have done many beautiful things outside the country and here inside. We have fulfilled dreams. Our group has come together to fulfill our personal dreams and we share them with the public”, he points out.

Ramiro Saavedra, from Peru (Kurt Cobain)

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Music was in the life plans of the Peruvian singer Ramiro Saavedra, but not in the way it does now. It all started ten years ago, when he was encouraged to participate in the program I amin which the concept is to imitate an artist, and in this case it was a Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. “The illusion of every musician, or at least the rocker, is, as soon as you start playing, make your own music and achieve it. (But), the truth, things thanks to the program I am… It was a boom … And you realize how the theme song works, “he says.

Nirvana was one of Saavedra’s musical references; he started listening to them at an early age; he is currently 37. “I was a big fan of Nirvana since I was little. I got into music through Nirvana; It wasn’t by chance, by appearing on the show, or by opportunism… I started practicing. When I was little I always said: ‘Oh, how well that boy sings; I would like to sing like him”, he says.

According to the singer, originally from Arequipa, the voice of an artist is like a fingerprint or the iris of the eye, so he is aware that not even the best imitator will turn out like the original; and, in his case, he tries to do his best to represent Kurt Cobain. His discipline led to a video reaching Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic. “He shared a video saying: ‘Let’s make a tribute to this boy, who is from Peru’ (…). For me it was a privilege, that the band that you admire a lot tell you that (…). There will never be another Kurt Cobain. It is impossible to replace it. Without his songs I wouldn’t have a job”, he says.

One of the challenges, he says, was learning to play the guitar on the left, because Cobain was left-handed. And for an invitation to Colombia, to the program My name is, was when he had the challenge of playing that way in two weeks, and he was able to do it. “I didn’t learn all the songs, but I learned to play left-handed for about three songs,” she says.

Parallel to the work with Kurt Cobain, he has his musical group and is also a composer. The road with the Nirvana vocalist goes on and when the time comes for his music, he will release it. “I am happy with what I am doing; I live doing what I like (…). And that people be happy, be content… And what a privilege to do this. Paying a tribute to someone I have admired all my life is cool for me, ”he says.

He confesses that at some point he thought that he no longer wanted to be “in someone’s shadow”, but he has followed the signs of life. “Life tells you: ‘This is not just like that; you have the privilege, the luck, the blessing that you have had to do this’. And I no longer saw him as someone’s shadow, ”she assures.

Mauricio Soto, from Peru (Freddie Mercury)

The legacy of Freddie Mercury came to the life of the Peruvian artist Mauricio Soto when he was in high school; he was 13 years old. By chance, a friend was playing Queen’s music, because they were bringing him records from Europe at the time, since they weren’t selling much in the local market. “I told him: ‘Record me a cassette’, with those records he brought, and at that time he recorded the best songs for me and I already became a fan,” says Soto, 43.

Over time, he entered a program, not knowing that he was going to imitate Mercury.

Mauricio Soto plays Freddie Mercury. Photo: Courtesy

Looking as much like Mercury as possible has been the challenge for Soto, mainly because of the movements on stage, for which he has resorted to videos. “It is a challenge. It is very difficult, very difficult to imitate him. We always try to be as similar as possible, but each person is unique. However, we always try to make them live that illusion on stage that they are seeing the artist; we work on that, and I think that for so many years working on this we have been able to create a Show and always generate that impact”, he explains.

The artist says that one of the virtues of the public is the energy it transmits, and that makes his work on stage easier. “The response from the public is very important,” says Soto, who adds that he will continue to imitate Mercury “until the body and the voice give.”

Tickets for masters of rock can be purchased at TicketShow. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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