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The juror interrupted the performance of the 16-year-old contestant “Mam talent”. “You have a nice voice, but …”

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Simon Cowell is famous for being the strictest and most emphatic juror in “”. Not without reason, because there is no problem with sharp comments or honest opinions about what the participants of the program presented. It was the same this time, when he decided to interrupt the performance of the 16-year-old singer, Camille K.

Simon Cowell interrupted her performance in “Got Talent”. He had a good reason

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Camille K is a 16-year-old songwriter. She came from New Jersey to audition for the program. She entered the stage with a guitar and a smile on her face, but she did not expect a surprise awaiting her. When asked by Simon Cowell why she chose to take part in the show, she replied:

I’ve seen so many incredibly talented artists on this show and how their dreams came true. So I hope the same will happen to me.

She also confessed that she has been singing ever since she started speaking. In the qualifying rounds, she was to present her own version of the song “Let’s fall in love for the night” by Finneas O’Connell. However, she did not manage to show her skills, because after 30 seconds Simon Cowell interrupted her performance. First, he asked if he was making his songs. When the girl confirmed, the juror stated:

It was okay. You have a nice voice, but I only have one problem. You have to show something more distinctive. I’m curious about your songs.

The 16-year-old decided to sing her song about a broken heart. When asked if it was a song based on her experiences, the girl replied that it hadn’t happened to her yet. Simon Cowell had a good idea. Camille K received applause not only from the audience, but also from jurors.

A beautiful word comes to mind.

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Simon Cowell said. Sofia Vergara added:

I found your voice more than beautiful. I think it is spectacular.

The 16-year-old, despite the nervous moment that Simon Cowell gave her, received 3 yes and passed to the semi-finals.

Source: Gazeta

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