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John Travolta as Forrest Gump?  These actors turned down offers of iconic roles

John Travolta as Forrest Gump? These actors turned down offers of iconic roles

It happens that actors turn down roles in productions which immediately after their premiere become big blockbusters. Then they regret their decisions, which they openly admit in interviews. Which celebrities gave up lucrative proposals?

Some heroes from movies or TV series have permanently entered the history of cinema, and their actors have gained the sympathy and recognition of viewers. However, they were often not the director’s first choice and a different actor was to play the role. See which stars turned down roles in hit productions.

Polish actors who turned down roles. These movies became hits

Marek Kondrat is remembered by viewers as Adaś Miauczyński from the movie “Dzień Świra”. However, few know that the favorite for this role was none other than . According to director Juliusz Machulski, the actor refused to participate in the production because of one of the scenes in which “the hero poops under the window like a dog”. – Czarek had a school-aged daughter and decided that she couldn’t see her father in such a situation – filmmaker. As it turns out, Pazura had another reason. At that time, he was after the success of the film “Nothing funny” and the failure of “Ajlawi”. He was afraid that when he reprises a similar character, critics will be merciless, which will negatively affect the production’s reception.

Juliusz Machulski’s output includes many excellent productions, and Sexmission is undoubtedly one of them. Initially, the director wanted to cast Max as Max. Already at the stage of writing the script, he assumed that it was this actor who would create this character. However, in the end, the artist withdrew from the production, and the reasons for his decision are still unknown. The filmmaker pondered for a long time who to entrust this role. Ultimately, he decided to hire Jerzy Stuhr, which turned out to be a bull’s-eye and brought incredible success.

He was successful because another actor resigned from the role. Later, he himself had to refuse to participate in the production

One of the most iconic characters in the world of Hollywood cinema is the film’s main character. Before Tom Hanks was offered the role, John Travolta was considered. However, the actor was misled by intuition. Initially, he believed that the production had no chance of success, so he rejected the script, but soon regretted it. Immediately after the premiere, the film turned out to be a huge hit and was awarded six times by the American Film Academy. The main character also won an Oscar. Interestingly, these are not the only proposals Travolta gave up. The actor could also in “Apollo 13” and “Chicago”.

could have created many more iconic heroes. An example is the movie “Jerry Maguire”, in which he refused to participate. The actor was supposed to play the title role, but due to the fact that at the time he was directing “The Madness of Youth” and had other professional commitments, he was forced to drop out of the Cameron Crowe comedy-drama. Then the director decided to entrust this character to Tom Cruise. The production received as many as four Oscar nominations, and the main character’s actor was awarded a Golden Globe. “Watching this film, I know that no one else could have played it but Tom Cruise,” said the star years later.

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