Love has returned to life Elizabeth Cader and actor Don Day and continues to grow.

This was confirmed by the influencer on the night of Thursday, April 6, when shared by gentle Reel where his partner and protagonist of company 593 he was joking and smiling at her with funny gestures.

The sweet clip prompted Cader to retort with equally full words:

That crazy, romantic, clown, jealous, brooding, loving, babe, spoiled brat, flirt, the man God chose for me, the love of my life, that man who fell in love and for whom I went crazy. I love you my king,” he said.

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At the beginning of April Cader also acknowledged the love and admiration he still feels for Don Day in a lengthy postdespite all the disagreements in the past and the time they spent apart.

I know that there are still many tests, obstacles and problems in life, but I want you to be by my side and to push me forward. and makes us not fall, and if we fall, get up,” he wrote.I can only thank God for having us where we are, for hearing our prayers and answering us with so much love.“.

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