Crime does not stop in the country, and now its new victims are journalists.

communicator Louis Antonio Ruiz He just revealed on social media that a couple of criminals broke into his house at dawn on Thursday, March 30. He told this recently, as he explained, because he was disturbed by what happened.

“My God! I spent 48 hours not knowing whether it was day or night, I was looking everywhere”: José Delgado was the victim of a vaccinator (extortionist) in Guayaquil

“I didn’t tell them in time because I was confused. That touched me,” reported the reporter from Teleamazon. According to him, some thieves broke into the premises of his house, but fortunately they could not enter the house. “They could only stay in the garage at dawn this Thursday. They opened the vehicle doors and took glasses and other things that were there.”

They attacked the press team in front of the Monumental stadium in Barcelona: the robbery was caught on video

Ruiz also shared that the criminals were able to open his nephew’s bedroom, which is connected to the garage. “Thank God, he wakes up and closes their door with his body. The boys were afraid of that reaction and ran away.”

From experience, he says, he started changing sheet metal on his house, as well as installing security cameras. In addition, he added, he raises the lattice of his house and implements another type of security for his home. “I, who believed that my house was very safe…” laments the journalist who, after recounting his experience on social networks, received signs of support.

It is not the first time that fraudsters have tried to attack journalists. In a recent interview for this media, journalist José Delgado, host in your own body, he revealed that the ‘vaccinators’ tried to blackmail him more than a year ago. Fortunately, the situation did not escalate.

On the other hand, a bit further in time, in 2021, they attacked the journalist team from the newsroom DirecTV Sports in front of the Monumental stadium in Barcelona. The robbery was captured on video.