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This powder will make your face look healthy and radiant.  “Optically it’s getting prettier”

This powder will make your face look healthy and radiant. “Optically it’s getting prettier”

Powder is one of the most important make-up cosmetics. Are you looking for a great product at an attractive price? Here are some drugstore proposals that have been popular for some time and collect positive reviews.

Powder is one of the most frequently used face make-up cosmetics. It is not surprising that we are looking for a product that will provide the best effect. Importantly, dThis type of cosmetic doesn’t have to be expensive. We have selected a few suggestions from drugstores that have been popular for some time.

A substitute for La Mer powder from Rossmann

Our first proposal is a satin powdermicroalgae and NAM clay, which is often compared to the very popular and much more expensive The Powder La Mer. It is a lightweight product with smoothing bestFILTERneeded complex, regenerating clay and protective microalgae. You can buy NAM powder in Rossmann drugstores, on Allegro, as well as in the official brand store. – I am very satisfied with this product. It is well ground, perfectly matte, and has a pleasant smell that makes the application more pleasant – we can read in one of the reviews.

Joko Pure, loose face powder

Another great drugstore product is loose powder from Joko Pure. You can now find it in many online drugstores – e.g., It is a light, silky powder with a transparent finish. As the manufacturer assures, it perfectly fixes make-up, gently illuminates the skin and optically smoothes it. – The powder smoothes the skin very nicely – it gives the impression of a blur. I apply it with a brush, sweeping the face and the face optically becomes prettier – wrote a satisfied user about the cosmetic on one of the portals.

Puff Cloud Paese – eye and face powder

Puff Cloud eye powder by Paese has been very popular for years. Many people use it all over their face. Cosmetic not onlyperfectly fixes make-up, but also covers signs of fatigue and optically smoothes the skin. It turns out that the Paese brand decided to fulfill the wish of the fans of the product. Recently, a product from this series for the whole face appeared in drugstores. – Optically smoothes the skin without overburdening, and is imperceptible during the day. It diffuses the light, giving the effect of freshness and a soft matte.

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