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She is 91 cm tall and is a star on the web.  He practices martial arts and claims that others “envy” him

She is 91 cm tall and is a star on the web. He practices martial arts and claims that others “envy” him

Hasbulla Magomedov or “Mini Khabib” became one of the biggest online personalities in the world after his videos went viral. Although he is only 91 cm tall, he can boast of millions of fans and a contract with the UFC.

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Hasbulla Magomedov hails from the Republic of Dagestan, which is located in the Russian Federation, and is well within the UFC community, which is the largest mixed martial arts organization in the world, and the face of the hit memes and gifs that continue to circulate the web. He is also known as “Mini Khabib”. The 20-year-old even took part in several galas with UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Where did the nickname “Mini Khabib” come from? The 20-year-old is taking social media by storm

Hasbulla Magomedov is a 20-year-old star. Many may assume that he is much younger, due to his short stature, which is 91 cm, high voice and 16 kg weight. It is associated with growth hormone deficiency, otherwise known as dwarfism.

Hasbulla was scheduled to fight Abdu Rozika who, like him, also has dwarfism. However, it never happened because the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association called the fight “unethical”. Hasbulla Magomedov earned the nickname “Mini Khabib” after copying Khabib Nurmagmadov’s UFC 229 weigh-in. The footage of the event went viral on social media and the men are now good friends. Since then, they regularly create content together. He also signed a multi-year deal with the UFC in 2022. Although we will not see him in the fights, he will deal with the promotion of the competition in a broad sense.

Do you see yourself as disabled? “They’re jealous because they’re sitting at home”

Hasbulla boasts a whopping 8.1 million on Instagram. He was recently invited as a special guest to an episode where he described some things from his life and answered if he considers himself disabled.

I don’t consider myself disabled. I just don’t grow, that’s all. When I walk fast, I feel tired. Other 19-year-olds sit at home and write that I’m developmentally retarded. But they just can’t make money, so they envy me.

He also added that he does not like being touched by people and is tired of questions about his otherness.

Source: Gazeta

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