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Jantar was stealing Jarocka’s creations, she was supposed to steal her husband.  This is what their relationship really looked like

Jantar was stealing Jarocka’s creations, she was supposed to steal her husband. This is what their relationship really looked like

Both were stars of the same period – talented, beautiful, with big eyes and unusual subtlety. No wonder they were so often confused with each other. From the 1970s it was said that they were the greatest rivals, they pointed out betrayals, spied on the stage image and envied each other’s successes, although none of them lacked anything. It was only after Jarocka’s death that the facts about the real shape of their relationship came to light.

At the peak of their careers, they were supposed to hate each other, but the tragic death of one shocked the other as much as if it had been her closest friend before, not a competitor from the stage. A new light on the relationship between Anna Jantar and Irena Jarocka was shed by a book devoted to the latter. It does not lack details from the life of the Kukulskis, with whom, despite rumors of alleged hatred, Jarocka was strongly associated.

Mistakes and quarrels

Fans of singers loved to compare them with each other and stick pins in them at every opportunity.

[Jantar] she could resent my fans. Ania’s fans and mine fought a lot with each other. They did some dirty tricks. Sometimes, when we left the concerts together, there were unpleasant situations. To be honest, I still feel this rivalry to this day.

– Jarocka told her biographer. Her ex-husband felt the same way.

I see Ania Jantar as her main competitor on the singing market. Ania’s admirers claimed that it was Irena who constantly watched Ania dress, dance, sing, and imitate her. Irena’s admirers said the opposite. They tried hard to make one better than the other. They fought for a place on the pedestal. Sometimes one won, sometimes the other

– claimed Marian Zacharewicz. Many disputes concerned stage creations. Here the leader was Irena, who used a several-year vocal scholarship in Paris to bring some original stylizations from France. Many of them tried to imitate Anna Jantar, which did not go unnoticed. She was asked bluntly about the similarities during a television interview.

It’s weird because my husband never got us wrong.

the singer laughed. In fact, the similar style of music, style of clothing and in some respects also the style of the two artists were often confused with each other. A funny anecdote concerns Jarocka’s concert in the United States. After the performance, a fan ran up to her with pretensions. He was disappointed that he didn’t hear all the hits – instead of “So much sun in the whole city” or “Najtrujesz first step” she sang “I am a butterfly” … Mistakes occurred not only during the life of both artists, but also after Jantar’s death. When Jarocka wanted to order a taxi, she heard from the dispatcher that it must be a not funny joke – after all, he has been dead for many years. Contrary to rumors, she had no regrets about it.

When Ania was alive, there was some subconscious rivalry between us, but in a good way. Probably there were also complaints, for example, that he counterfeits my costumes, dresses similarly. But it’s so human.

she explained in her biography.

From a supposed affair to being promoted to family friend

The conflict also grew emotionally. It was said that Jarocka had an affair with Jarosław Kukulski. – There were rumors that there was a big scandal because Ania caught her husband in an unambiguous situation with Jarocka – claimed one of the stars of the People’s Republic of Poland. After the tragedy, she was to become Kukulski’s muse. Their romantic relationship has never been confirmed, but their professional relationship has. He wrote the famous song “Beatlemania Story” for her, which forever went down in the history of Polish song, and in 1988 they went on a joint tour. The death of Anna Jantar brought Jarocka closer to her family, which made her see how difficult it was for young Natalia Kukulska to accept her stepmother.

I’m next to this whole farce. Generally nice in the team, only the Kukulskis can’t find a place for themselves – eternal jealousy of Jarek Monika and Natalki. It’s partly Jarek’s fault. Cries, fights almost every day. […] I try to be next to them, but they pull me in unintentionally.

– the singer wrote in the letters.

“She asked if it was really Ania who was on that plane”

More than 40 years have passed since Anna Jantar’s death in March 1980. Although the case has been described thousands of times, it keeps coming back with each new fact. One of them is the moment when Jarocka found out about the death of her competitor. This is how the author of the singer’s biography described him – “Irena Jarocka. These years will not return.”

Immediately after his death, Jantar informed her husband about it, because he was in America at that time, and she was in Poland. She experienced it a lot. She wrote as warmly as possible about Annie. And then she also said that with this death she found out how close she was to her

– said Mariola Pryzwan. Several of Jarocka’s over 120 letters were actually devoted to a tragic plane accident. Her version of events was also presented by Danuta Ignatowska, who was the first to give Jarocka the tragic news. According to the report, the apparent rival survived Jantar’s death exceptionally and for a long time did not accept that the accident really happened.

That day I was supposed to meet Irena at the Brda Hotel in Bydgoszcz. I was waiting for him to come from the concert in Aleksandrów Kujawski. I kept wondering if he knew about the tragedy. As she entered the hotel, I could tell by her smile that she wasn’t there yet. She took the news terribly. Suddenly she turned pale, almost fainted. The musicians escorted her to the room. The next day she asked if it was really Ania who was on the plane.

Ignatowska said. Jarocka also paid an artistic tribute to the dead star by performing two songs from her repertoire: “Old Man World” and “Just ask me to dance”. She herself died 32 years after Anna of a brain tumor in January 2012.

Source: Gazeta

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