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Religious wishes for Easter.  Beautiful formulas and happy Easter rhymes

Religious wishes for Easter. Beautiful formulas and happy Easter rhymes

By sending Easter greetings to relatives and friends, we show them in a nice way that we remember them and that they are important to us. Seniors and believers will certainly appreciate wishes that refer to religious values ​​and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here are suggestions of religious Easter wishes that our loved ones will like.

For many of us, they are a deep spiritual experience, which should not be forgotten when submitting. Here are some ready-made suggestions.

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Religious Easter Wishes

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, the Lord is risen!

I wish you and all your family,

so that you live your own feast of ‘resurrection’ every day

through the rebirth of love for loved ones in your hearts

and faith in the power and durability of feeling.

Happy Christmas!


Let the love of the Risen Christ

it becomes a source of strength, power and faith

for every moment of the day.

Have a wonderful Easter



May this Easter in 2023 be a time of reflection, respite and peace for you. I wish you that the Risen Lord will change your life and restore hope. Remember that He overcame death and took away all sin.


Hallelujah today we sing, let us give God honor and glory, because our Savior, this world’s Redeemer, has risen. Health, joy and success, these are my sincerest wishes.


The bell rings merrily. A mighty song circulates, may the heart be filled with glory today and a joyful day of resurrection vibrant with spring life.


Experience this Christmas

exceptional luck

Feel the love of God

And the protection of angels

Understand the meaning of life

And the power of the family

open your hearts

And let in the birds of hope.


Happy, full of faith and love Easter to all the family…


When Easter comes

I wish you for the Resurrection

lots of warmth, happiness and joy,

that may always stay with you.

In a good heart, in a bright soul,

let all worries and sorrows drown out!


Many abundant graces and blessings

From Jesus Christ Risen

And a peaceful Easter

With joyful Hallelujah they wish ….

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