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She married herself.  Only a day later, she decided it was time for a divorce

She married herself. Only a day later, she decided it was time for a divorce

The 25-year-old announced via social media that she was getting married. There would be nothing strange about it, were it not for the fact that she married herself. It turns out, however, that she did not last long in this relationship. Reason? She didn’t foresee one thing.

A wedding is one of the most important events in many people’s lives. Some women think about this day long before they find their significant other. This woman decided not to wait and made a spontaneous decision to marry herself. She shared a few frames from that day on her Twitter profile.

She married herself. “I bought a wedding dress and baked a cake”

Sofi Maure, 25, is an influencer from Argentina. Some time ago, on her Twitter profile, she announced that she got married. Not surprisingly, she decided to marry herself. She took everything very seriously. She bought a wedding dress, put on a tiara to which she pinned a veil, and celebrated the day with a homemade cake.

I bought a wedding dress and baked a wedding cake to marry myself

she wrote.

At the request of one of the people, Sofi also shared a photo of the wedding baking on social media. However, it was not a typical wedding cake, which is usually seen during such celebrations. The 25-year-old put on a cake decorated with red sprinkles and colorful candies.

Internet users and Internet users reacted optimistically to the decision of the 25-year-old, and many positive comments and congratulations appeared in the comments. Some people admitted that it was a great symbolic gesture of showing love to each other. It soon turned out, however, that Sofia did not last too long in this relationship.

When she got married, she didn’t foresee one thing

25-year-old Sofi decided to divorce only 24 hours after the wedding. The reason was reportedly “unable to stand with each other”. The Argentinian probably did not take into account that in any relationship, even the most unusual, there may be problems. In this case, however, the plus is that both the wedding and the divorce were symbolic, so they do not require any legal or official action. However, this turn of events was not received optimistically by Internet users and Internet users. Some accuse Sofi that the whole action was only a planned action to bring her some publicity.

Source: Gazeta

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