He achieved “giant” success in his career michael pincay who has been selected to be part of the talent committee that will name this year’s nominees for the Rewards for warmth. These awards reward the best of Latin music and have positioned themselves on previous occasions Michela as presenters on street and poché and Ecuadorians Mirella Cesa and Andrea Bravo.

“A year ago I went to see the awards ceremony and said ‘wow, I’d love to be a part of this at some point’ and the moment came. THANK U for this opportunity,” the Guayaquil native wrote in the publication instagramsharing the news with his followers. Michela yesterday he traveled to the Dominican Republic “to live this dream which for me means one of the biggest steps in my career.”

“That little note from Jhajaira, that ‘Welcome to the family’ from Diana, and even matching tickets with Nathi were a dream this week that I can’t believe,” the TV host added in the message. It’s a secret he kept and waited until the last moment to share.

Not everything can be perfect Michela She told an anecdote that she had a problem with her passport that caused her to experience a moment of worry before she left for this trip: “When I arrived from France to Ecuador, I put my clothes in the wash and I didn’t realize that my passport had been put in into a small pocket of one of the jackets he was wearing. So guess who washed his passport?me hahahaha It was all blown like this and I said ‘okay I’m going to get a new one because I don’t know if this one works’ and since this was so crazy obviously I couldn’t get a new passport or something I was praying it would work “.

In the end he said that “thank God it worked because otherwise imagine… I would have died”. He promises his followers that he will tell them all about the experience and above all “I promise to live it and enjoy it with all the love in the world.” (AND)

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