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5 rules of Jennifer Aniston’s style, which she has been faithful to for years.  Thanks to them, fashion bloopers are foreign to her

5 rules of Jennifer Aniston’s style, which she has been faithful to for years. Thanks to them, fashion bloopers are foreign to her

Jennifer Aniston has been inspiring with her style for almost 30 years. Her stylizations from years ago are so timeless that they still remain relevant. It also delights now. The actress is faithful to several principles, thanks to which fashion bloopers are alien to her.

Jennifer Aniston has a great sense of style. She looks great both in everyday and evening wear, and fashion bloopers are foreign to her. The actress inspired style in the 90s and is still considered a fashion icon. Jennifer Aniston is true to her choices. The same elements of clothing appear in her stylizations over the years.

Rule 1: A black blazer will add class to any outfit

It might seem that the jacket is a slightly more formal element of the wardrobe, which will work especially in stylizations for the office or for special occasions. Jennifer Aniston proves, however, that the black jacket has a much wider application. The actress willingly complements her everyday stylizations, thanks to which they gain a bit of chic.

Jennifer Aniston likes to combine a jacket with jeans. Depending on the occasion, she chooses a shirt, a knitted turtleneck or a white T-shirt. Changing one item of clothing can completely change the styling. The jacket looks equally stylish in combination with trousers made of imitation leather.

Rule 2: A black maxi never fails

Jennifer Aniston knows perfectly well that the classics are always in fashion. A thing that should not be missing in any woman’s wardrobe is a black maxi dress. It is a reliable option for formal occasions. A black maxi dress looks extremely elegant, and thanks to its versatility, it is very easy to style. You can add various accessories to it, thanks to which it will look a bit different each time.

Rule 3: Additives have power

Even the simplest styling can gain character thanks to accessories. Jennifer Aniston especially loves scarves and scarves, which she has been wearing for years. It’s a very simple way to refresh your style. You can experiment with colors and patterns.

Jennifer Aniston is also a fan of hats that add extravagance to her everyday outfits. This is a very fashionable accessory for spring 2023.

Rule 4: simple cuts and subdued colors are the secret of class

Jennifer Aniston’s styling is usually very minimalist. She focuses on timeless cuts and does not experiment too much with fashion. That’s why her stylizations from years ago still delight. A few days ago, Jennifer Aniston showed up in a beige total look. It consisted of a dress above the knee, a long trench coat and high heels. She also looked phenomenal in a minimalist, black styling.

Rule 5: Wedge shoes are a good investment

Stylish wedges are definitely Jennifer Aniston’s favorite footwear. The actor wears them both on a daily basis – in combination with trousers, and on special occasions – in combination with dresses. These shoes are extremely versatile and beautifully lengthen the legs.


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