AND Dad Francisco very stylish, it went viral on social media, it’s a style coat inflator jacket which the 86-year-old Argentinian wore in several photos. The uniform is white, and the insignia is colored Dad and its padded texture reaches the ground, accompanying him in the paintings with his crucifix and cap.

Papa he seems to be the pastor of a church I would go to Justin Bieber“either”pope Francis straight to fashion week” are some of the tweets that are already circulating about the “Pope of this generation”. It is even associated with style kim kardashian who has similar clothes in his wardrobe.

These photos have appeared for the first time subreddit Friday before they go viral Twitter memes are starting to appear about it too. Although it looks very real, this outfit is a montage created by a Chicago-based artist with artificial intelligence in the AI ​​image app: middle of the trip.

It has already seemed strange to many that this is true because There are certain dress protocols that the sovereign must adhere to, which are usually aligned with the Catholic Church’s image of purity and virtue.

Apart from this “trendy outfit for going to heaven”, as they jokingly said in TikTokaccording to Dad Jordan style shoes were also placed to complement his outfit flow heavenly. Many users are surprised by the extent of artificial intelligence because the photos look very real, and there are even those who firmly believe that Dad He went out dressed like that on the street. (AND)


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