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Tom Cruise’s 16-year-old daughter has been out of touch with him for 10 years.  “He doesn’t know his father anymore”

Tom Cruise’s 16-year-old daughter has been out of touch with him for 10 years. “He doesn’t know his father anymore”

Since Tom Cruise broke up with Katie Holmes, his relationship with their daughter Suri has completely disintegrated. Due to his membership in a sect, the actor has not been involved in raising a teenager for over a decade.

Suri Cruise will turn 17 on April 18. The daughter of a Hollywood actor from a relationship with Katie Holmes is slowly planning her future. The teenager has ambitious plans, because she wants to pursue fashion and is considering studying in this field. While her mother supports her pursuit of her dreams, the same cannot be said for her father, who has been absent from her life for more than a decade.

After the divorce, the actor broke off contact with his daughter. They haven’t seen each other for years

Tom Cruise’s divorce and was one of the most famous in . The couple of actors separated in 2012 after more than 6 years of marriage. The fruit of their relationship is a daughter, Suri, who was born just a few months after their wedding. The girl lived with her mother, who took over full parental rights, and the star completely withdrew from her life. Cruise is a Scientologist, and members of the sect are not allowed to have relationships with people who do not belong to the group.

Tom Cruise’s daughter is almost an adult now. Suri plans to go to college

Suri Cruise made her media debut as a little girl, and that’s how most people remember her, but she’s now a teenager. He will soon turn 17 and has ambitious plans for the future. The girl starred in the movie “Alone Together” alongside her mother, and also has exceptional vocal skills. However, her great passion is fashion and she wants to study in this direction. The girl can count on the great support of her mother Katie Holmes, who motivates her in her pursuit of her goal. Although she is almost an adult, her father is still not interested in her life and does not seek to rebuild lost relationships. “Suri doesn’t know her father anymore. She hasn’t spent time with him in a decade — Daily Mail insider. Despite the lack of contact, the actor is obliged to pay his daughter monthly maintenance in the amount of 400,000. dollars, and also has to pay for everything related to her education.

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