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She used to run “Teleexpress” and “Panorama”.  After losing her job, she decided to change her career

She used to run “Teleexpress” and “Panorama”. After losing her job, she decided to change her career

A few years ago, Adriana Niecko made a career on television, leading “Teleexpress”. Despite the sympathy of the viewers, the journalist unexpectedly stopped appearing on the screen. She found her calling in a completely different industry. What is she doing now?

In show business it was said that Adriana Niecko was a “TVP wonder child”. 24-year-old journalist, the most important news programs broadcast on the air. As her career began to gain momentum, she unexpectedly received a notice. Unable to find a job in the media, she decided to change her career.

She was the face of TVP. She unexpectedly got fired

Before Adriana Niecko made her debut on the silver screen, she appeared in the music video for the song “Wychowanie” by T.Love. She was employed as a journalist for the first time by Telewizja Gdańsk. She quickly won the sympathy of the viewers and was offered a job in , which she accepted. The 24-year-old was then thrown into deep water. She hosted the station’s leading news programs, such as “Panorama” and “Teleexpress”.

At that time, the young journalist was associated with a colleague, Sławomir Siezieniewski. The authorities of the station planned to use the hot topic of their romance to entrust them with the weekend editions of “Wiadomości”. However, the idea was never realized, because the couple unexpectedly announced their separation. Soon after, Niecko found out that TVP decided not to extend the contract with her. – I asked about the reasons and heard that there is no need for me anymore – briefly in an interview with “Gazeta Pomorska”.

After finishing her job at TVP, she decided to change her career. Today she is not associated with show business

The unexpected disappearance of Niecko from television was a big surprise for the viewers. It is true that in 2005 the journalist appeared on TVP for a while, but after a few months she finally resigned from her job. Then she started her first job in marketing. Later, she found employment in the Management Board Office of PZU Życie, as well as in Bank BPH. Since 2018, he has been the marketing director at a law firm. The journalist does not rule out returning to the screens, but does not hide that her decision depends on “air, program and money”.

Adriana Niecko turned 53 this year. The journalist does not appear in public, and it is in vain to look for her current photos on the web. It is known, however, that she is the happy mother of a daughter, Natalia, who is the fruit of a relationship with a businessman, Michał Rej.

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Source: Gazeta

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