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She is 6 years old and already Miss.  Under the last post of the girl, there was an uproar.  “This looks very wrong”

She is 6 years old and already Miss. Under the last post of the girl, there was an uproar. “This looks very wrong”

Kynlee Heiman is only 6 years old and has already made herself known to the world as a great gymnast, actress and model. Despite her young age, many people focus on her appearance. According to some Instagram users, the parents are using the girl to gain fame and income.

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Kynlee Heiman showed up without makeup. “Mascara? Parents, shame on you”

Fans of the young artist were shocked when they saw her creations at last year’s Sunburst Beauty Pageant. Kynlee was 5 at the time. Through the make-up and outfit that had been prepared for her, she looked like an adult woman. Instagram users did not hide their emotions. Some directly accused the parents of abusing their daughter.

It’s sick… just sick. Why is it legal at all?

You should lose your parental rights because this child is literally being bullied by you

mascara? Parents, be ashamed

Recently, however, more and more photos can be seen on Heiman’s Instagram profile, in which she is seen without full make-up. The girl’s blue eyes catch the eye, which contrast with the red hair.

Makeup isn’t one of the Kynlee controversies. Fans are divided on her physique

Kynlee is also a gymnast. The girl often shares recordings of training and her performances on the bar or beam. However, instead of admiring the acrobatics of the 6-year-old, the observers paid attention to her physique. Despite her young age, her six-pack is clearly visible on her stomach. In the comments under her photos, fans are strongly divided.

On the one hand, some commentators emphasize that heavy gymnastics training strongly develops these muscle parts on the stomach and arms. On the other hand, there are voices that it is excessive exposure of the body in the case of a child.

The parents are taking advantage of this child

This looks very wrong

Her parents don’t just let her be a kid

Remember, she’s a gymnast, so she’s developed strong muscles in her body. It’s not the parents’ fault, it’s the sport.

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