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Labor Commission rejects first pension reform proposal

Labor Commission rejects first pension reform proposal

The Work Commission of the Congress of the Republic voted, this Friday, March 24, 2023, against the prediction proposed by the Law for the Creation of the Single Integrated Pension System. It is so with 8 votes in favor and 11 against, the initiative was not approved. However, Elizabeth Taipe Coronado, congresswoman from Peru Libre, presented a reconsideration that will be voted on in the next session.

It should be noted that this prediction falls on the Bills 118/2021-CR, 551/2021-CR, 938/2021-CR, 1126/2021-CR, 1332/2021-CR, 1405/2021-CR, 1728/ 2021-CR, 2120/2021-CR, 2633/2021-CR, 2659/2021-CR, 3227/2022-CR, 3230/2022-CR and 3341/2022-CR.

The majority of votes against were by the parliamentarians of the Fuerza Popular bench. In detail, the congressmen who voted in opposition were Rosangella Barbarán (FP), Tania Ramirez García (FP), Hernando Guerra García (FP), Jorge Alberto Morante Figari (FP), Cruz Maria Zeta Chunga (FP), Adriana Tudela (Avanza Country), Norma Yarrow (Avanza País), María del Carmen Alva Prieto (AP), Raúl Doroteo Carbajo (AP), Miguel Angel Ciccia Vásquez (RP), Carlos Anderson Ramírez (Not grouped).

Source: Larepublica

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