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What did you notice in the picture first?  A simple test can tell a lot about character

What did you notice in the picture first? A simple test can tell a lot about character

On the Internet, from time to time you can come across picture tests, which are designed to make us aware of our personality traits. Tiktoker @mia_yilin posted an interesting drawing some time ago, where you can see two things. What first caught your attention?

pictures have become very popular recently. On the Internet, you can find drawings that have several meanings – depending on what we notice first, we will learn character traits that we may not have known about before. From time to time, interesting pictures are shared on TikTok by the user @mia_yilin. What first caught your attention? Remember to approach descriptions with distance and tongue in cheek.

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What did you see in the picture first? The test can tell you what characteristics you have

An image posted by user @mia_yilin has over 70,000 likes. likes. In the comments, many Internet users admitted that what they noticed first actually coincides with the description of the drawing. However, there were people who said that in their case the test did not work.

I saw a brain, and it’s true.

I saw the brain, but the description of the hand fits me.

It’s true, it’s me. Hands.


Do you see the brain or the hands? Check how it can prove character

Hands “You may be too trusting.” You never attribute bad qualities to people and think well of them. Even when they hurt you, if they apologize, you choose to forgive them. However, there are exceptions. If someone insults your family or criticizes your hard work, you feel offended for a long time.

Brain “You think logically and have incredibly good intuition. You always know when someone is working behind your back. However, you don’t like direct confrontation because watching their behavior gives you a lot of laughs.

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