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Her program was watched by the whole of Poland.  Irena Dziedzic went through hell, died sick, lonely and in debt

Her program was watched by the whole of Poland. Irena Dziedzic went through hell, died sick, lonely and in debt

Irena Dziedzic was a legend of the People’s Republic of Poland. She hosted the “Tele-Echo” program, watched all over Poland. Unfortunately, the journalist’s private life looked much sadder. After many love disappointments, she lived in poverty and loneliness. She died sick and in debt.

“Intelligence, class, perfection, veiled malice, irony – all this fantastically combined” – Andrzej Luter from the monthly “Więź” wrote about Irena Dziedzic. The journalist was a star of Polish Television in the People’s Republic of Poland. The presenter and host of the talk show “Tele-Echo” has forever entered the history of television thanks to her exceptional conversations and self-confidence.

It must be admitted that if you compare her programs with today’s celebrity conversations, there is a visible gap. I know, times were different, but Dziedzic consciously made her program for the intelligentsia. She ran many festivals in Sopot and Opole. She was a difficult person, tough, self-confident; You can write about her: she had character! Luther complimented the journalist after her death.

Few people know, however, that the smiling and brilliant journalist went through hell in her private life. Dziedzic has experienced a lot of love disappointments. Her partners cheated on her and left for other women. As a result, the woman lost her trust in the opposite sex and did not have a permanent relationship with anyone for the rest of her life.

Irena Dziedzic was a television legend. She spent the last moments of her life alone

In 2006, Dziedzic was accused of collaborating with the services of the People’s Republic of Poland, which greatly damaged her image. She was supposed to use the pseudonym “Marlena”. In 2013, the Court of Appeal overturned the previous year’s judgment recognizing Dziedzic as an agent. According to Onet, the court ruled that there was insufficient evidence of the journalist’s cooperation with the services.

After finishing her job, Dziedzic avoided public life. Her friends told the tabloids that the former presenter lives in poverty. Apparently, she received the lowest possible pension in Poland and had nothing to live on. What’s more, it turned out that the journalist is also seriously in debt.

A friend of the star told Wirtualna Polska that Dziedzic did not pay attention to the bills.

In fact, she didn’t want to pay for anything in her life. When she was still working on television, they paid for her, for example, telephone bills. But after Solidarity came and she had to say goodbye to her job, there was no one to help her. She wasn’t very popular with her neighbors or with her co-workers on TV. At one point, she had over 34,000 for gas and light. zloty. debt.

The journalist was supposed to borrow money and never return it.

In fact, she was the only one who was honest with me. I remember that she had to drive three stops to buy half a loaf of bread. Because in all shops, kiosks and pharmacies they already knew that he did not pay – adds the presenter’s friend.

The sum that Dziedzic owed various people was supposed to reach as much as PLN 700,000. The journalist’s friend points out that several years ago one of the journalists calculated that Dziedzic had about 100 cases for his debts.

The Dziedzic lived in horrible conditions. She was lonely, in debt and sick

According to RMF FM, Dziedzic spent the last months of her life alone in terrible conditions. The doctor she met in the hospital visited the journalist at home and even hired two people from Ukraine to help her.

The apartment was dirty, infested with bugs, there was a stench, there was not a single thing to wear. The dishes were dirty, the gas stove was unsealed and gas was leaking out – she described for Wirtualna Polska the place of the Dziedzice commotion, which she found after returning from the hospital.

Irena Dziedzic died on November 5, 2018 under mysterious circumstances. The death of the journalist was announced only a year after the tragedy. The investigation conducted by the prosecutor’s office pointed to involuntary manslaughter of the presenter.

TVP Info then reported that Irena Dziedzic had withdrawn a large amount of money from her account in the last weeks of her life. In addition, she also signed notarized documents that authorized a certain woman to access her bank account. At the time of signing the documents, Dziedzic was allegedly unaware of her actions due to her deteriorating health. However, the investigation into the case was discontinued.

It was finally established that Irena Dziedzic died of natural causes. She was buried in the forest cemetery in Laski.

Source: Gazeta

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