Almost 17 years have passed since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise gave birth to Suri, who is now a successful teenager with plans for the future.

The daughter of the cult protagonist of ‘Mission Impossible’ is intelligent and, according to her mother, has never been affected by the fact that she has not seen her father for more than 10 years.

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As is to be expected at her age, the young woman is applying to various American universities to train as a fashion designer, her great passion.

And that is that, as the Daily Mail points out, Suri follows every trend, and in her closet hides clothes that total 5 million dollars.

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The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has different talents

Apart from fashion design, the teenager could study music, as she loves to sing and even performed two songs for the movie ‘Alone together’ written, directed and starred by Katie Holmes.

The 44-year-old mother pointed out that the young woman was talented in both areas and indicated that she “always had a strong personality.”

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“She’ll pick an activity and work hard until she’s really good at it (…) She’s very focused and very hardworking,” he said.

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Tom Cruise will cover Suri’s college expenses

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Currently, the actor is putting aside $400,000 a year for Sura’s pension until she turns 18, not counting medical, dental, insurance, education and other additional expenses, according to the divorce settlement.

You are also expected to help her with her college expenses, even if you don’t keep in touch with her.

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Various media claim that Tom Cruise distanced himself from his daughter mainly because he does not belong to Scientology, the religion to which he is faithful.