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A priest sacrificed a Maybach for almost a million zlotys.  In the background an orchestra and church songs.  Network hit video

A priest sacrificed a Maybach for almost a million zlotys. In the background an orchestra and church songs. Network hit video

The recording quickly circulated the network, mainly thanks to the weekly “NIE”, which published it in social media. The registered personnel are to come from the town of Moñki in the Podlaskie Voivodship. In the material made public, we see a priest who, accompanied by an accordionist and gathered around the faithful, saints Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

Blessing of a car for over a million zlotys is accompanied by church songs and parishioners.

As noted by the portal, the lower price limit of the new model of this car oscillates around PLN 917,000 including the catch. For another variant – S 680 4MATIC with a V12 engine – you have to pay well over a million zlotys.

It should be mentioned that Catholics have been blessing vehicles for safe travels for a long time. This film, however, is unusual in that the blessing of a private vehicle takes place in front of the parishioners’ house, and not as usual – in front of the church. Moreover, according to tradition, this ritual is generally practiced on St. Wojciech, which falls on July 25.

“Bless this car”

The recording begins with a church song sung by the gathered faithful. Then the priest says a prayer and asks for blessings for family and friends, as well as … the car itself.

Dear God, bless this family, all the friends who gather here. Bless this car too. (…) May the Lord guide your journeys so that you may live in peace and reach eternal life. Amen

– we hear on the recording.

Having said these words, the priest proceeds to consecrate the car. In the frames you can see the flashes of the sprinkler. At the end, he asks the gathered people to pray together.

Priest for Polsat News: It never occurred to me that there would be such a scandal

. The clergyman said he was sorry for the extent to which the whole situation had grown. He also emphasized that he had no idea beforehand that he would celebrate the Maybach. He also said that the video was recorded a long time ago. – Someone maliciously pulled this material (…). I’m sorry, a person tries to be good all his life, and suddenly something like this – he told Polsat journalists.

It was about the dedication of the chapel of Our Lady, and the car was “by the way”. It never occurred to me that there would be such a scandal

he added

“What is not done to keep the number of believers”

There are comments under the video. Most of them have negative or mocking overtones.

“Tragedy, pray and consecrate material things … What a stupidity of the Church looking for money in such performances, not to mention the people who ask for it … God is not there and will never be “- believes one of the Internet users on Twitter .

“Can a baptized car go to heaven?”

– others ironically.

“What is not done to maintain the number of faithful” – writes another user of the social platform.

“I would like to see him take his first communion,” we read.

“Blessing of vehicles is standard procedure”

However, commentators have very different opinions. There is no shortage of voices that the sounding of the said film is unnecessary noise, and the recording does not show anything malicious. Some note, however, that the blessing of vehicles is a standard practice from the perspective of Catholics.

Not baptism, but shining – the dedication of a car, like a child or a house is a normal procedure, tradition, and if someone has a Maybach, they may also want its blessing from the priest. I understand this video was meant to strigger people

Blessing of vehicles during St. Krzysztof is a rather standard procedure

– we read in the comments.

Source: NIE/Twitter/Polsat News/

Source: Gazeta

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