On February 14, 2023, the singer Marko Antun revealed that he and his new wife Nadia Ferreira are expecting their first child together, i Anthony’s seventh.

From there, great interest was aroused in the other six descendants of the 54-year-old artist, about his relationship with them, and especially how much you pay your alimony.

Marc Anthony will have a son with Nadia Ferreira: The current spouses confirmed the news on Instagram

Marc Anthony’s fortune

The translator has a career spanning more than 30 years, during which he established himself as the best-selling salsa singer of albums and concert tickets, according to the magazine. Hello!

In addition, he has dabbled in cinema with special appearances in films and has his own artist representation agency, Magnus Media.

His impressively long career (and impressive music sales) mean he’s worth millions. Actually, Celebrity Net Worth respect wealth of interpreters of I live my life is about 80 million dollars.

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‘I love you mom’; Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira are making their first public appearance after announcing that they are pregnant

Marc Anthony has 6 children, how much child support does he pay?

The 54-year-old singer is the father of six children, whom he had with Debbie Rosado (Arianna and Chase), Dayanara Torres (Cristian and Ryan) and Jennifer Lopez (Emme and Maximilian).

Although Marc Anthony and JLo’s twins are his most prominent offspring, it is worth noting that half of the offspring are already adults at this point. Max and Emme are the youngest, they are 15 years old, and Ryan will turn two decades old in August this year.

Considering the fact that J.Lo is worth at least $400 million, according to Celebrity Net WorthDid Marc have to pay for the twins when the couple divorced in 2014? foxnews not confirmed Jennifer didn’t ask Marc for a penny. In fact, the couple went along with it “child or spousal support was not required“.

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Emme and Max are already fifteen years old: Jennifer Lopez proudly celebrates the life of her twin children with an emotional video featuring Marc Anthony and Ben Affleck

But, what about dayanara torres, the mother of marco’s middle children? When their mother filed for divorce from their father in early 2004, Cristian and Ryan were just small children. And unlike singer Jenny from the block, Marc’s former ex, Torres’ net worth is only around $5 millionhe says Celebrity Net Worth.

Although it is not clear exactly how much Marc paid each month when the children were young, foxnews confirmed that in 2014 paid about $27,000 a month. He was also obliged to pay “$12,000 a year for vacation expenses for Torres and his children”, the publication pointed out. And these amounts are before taking into account the costs of treatment and school fees. Right now Cristian is 22 years old and Ryan is 19.

In all, Marc paid Dayanara at least $28,000 for their pre-teen children every month for several years. Assuming that the amounts are averaged over the lifetime of the children, from their parents’ divorce to adulthood, Anthony probably spent nearly $5.5 million basic child support only, plus medical and school expenses.

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She is Debbie Rosado, the mother of Marc Anthony’s first daughter: a simple woman, a former New York police officer and the only one of her former partners who was not famous.

But two older children should also be taken into account. Marco’s first two children were with his ex-girlfriend Debbie Rosado, and the children were born in the early 90s. Arianna will be 29 years old this 2023, and her younger brother Chase will be 28.

Rosado, a police officer from New York, received about $2,700 a month since March 2000confirmed NY Post. She sought an increase in Marc’s “voluntary child support”; he also voluntarily paid Rosado’s rent and provided him with a van.

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The millionaire pension that Marc Anthony pays for his children with Dayanara Torres and Jennifer Lopez

Marc agreed to their demands in court, while their lawyers argued over the documentation. There is no mention of the couple’s adopted son at the time, but apparently Marc paid for that child as well; and it is said that they are still close today.

The final result? Marc Anthony paid at least $7 million in child support over the lifetime of their children, plus their school fees and medical expenses. A definite asset. (AND)