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Those three words could cost him dearly.  Bad Bunny sued for $40 million

Those three words could cost him dearly. Bad Bunny sued for $40 million

Bad Bunny is currently the most popular Latin singer and rapper. At the end of last year, he announced that he was taking a break in 2023, but it seems that he may be famous again. But for a different reason than his creativity. His ex-girlfriend Carliz De La Cruz Hernandez just sued him for $40 million. All because of the use of a woman’s voice recording in one of the songs without her consent.

Carliz De La Cruz Hernandez has decided to file a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend Bad Bunny for unlawfully using a recording of her voice in the song “Dos Mil 16”, which is on the artist’s latest album “Un Verano Sin Ti”.

The woman claims that the fragment of her voicemail, in which she says only three words – “Bad Bunny, baby” (original: “Bad Bunny, baby” was invented by her and used without her consent. Now she is seeking damages of 40 million She also filed a lawsuit against the rapper’s label, Rimas Entertainment, and the artist’s manager, Noah Assad.

As we can read in the argumentation of the lawsuit reached by the portal:

Thousands of people on social media rated Carliz and referred to her as “Bad Bunny, baby” whenever she appeared in public. This made and continues to make De La Cruz feel worried, depressed, intimidated and overwhelmed

Bad Bunny – Dos Mil 16

They split up in 2017 and the song was written five years later

Bad Bunny and Carliz Cruz Hernandez formed a relationship in the years 2011 – 2017. The phrase that appeared in the song “Dos Mil 16” from the latest album was to be created in 2015. The artist himself was supposed to ask his then-girlfriend to create a voice recording.

In court documents, De La Cruz explained that Bad Bunny and his managers wanted the rights to the recording by offering the woman two thousand dollars for them. However, she was not satisfied with this amount and wanted to meet again to discuss other terms of use of the recording. As we can read in the lawsuit:

Hernandez kept saying that one way to formalize a contract is to put it in writing

De La Cruz also asserted that she had previously been able to audition the song using her recording, but still refused to agree to the terms that her ex-boyfriend and his managers offered her. In addition, the plaintiff allegedly felt discomfort due to the use of her voice in the song. The court document also contains a passage saying that the artist’s management repeatedly tried to persuade the woman to consent by sending her unprofitable contracts that she did not sign.

»Because it was made clear that there was no permission to use the recording, its publication was an act of gross negligence, ill will, and worse, it was an attack on privacy and dignity, because the other party knew about the possible consequences and nevertheless decided to breaking the law,” we can read in the lawsuit

Bad Bunny, its managers and label have not released a statement on the matter so far.

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Source: Gazeta

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