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Priests can count on a double pension.  How much is?  The amount is impressive

Priests can count on a double pension. How much is? The amount is impressive

Priests who retire can count on benefits not only from ZUS, but also from the Church Fund. It is important, however, that in the second case the required retirement age is higher. How much money can I receive each month? The calculations were made by the portal.

Both the earnings and pensions of priests arouse a lot of emotions. All because they are shrouded in mystery and there is no official data on them. It is known that the remuneration of clergy includes, among others, donations from a tray and carols, money for work in schools, universities or the police, and for celebrating ceremonies. calculate what kind of pension they can count on.

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How much does a priest receive? On average, it is 2.5 thousand. zloty

Priests in Poland, after reaching the appropriate age, can count on a pension from two “sources”. The first is, of course, the Social Insurance Institution, where the required retirement age is 65 for men. The amount of benefits depends on your earnings and the contributions you make. According to unofficial calculations of the portal, who workers who received the minimum wage for their work can count on a pension of around PLN 1,000. zloty. Priests working in schools or universities with average earnings will receive, in turn around PLN 2,500, which is slightly less than the average pension in Poland in 2022. Clergy can also count on “thirteen”. Their benefits increase significantly when they reach age 75. Why?

Priests receive their pension not only from ZUS. After the age of 75, the benefit increases

The second source from which the clergy receive benefits is the Church Fund. Those who are over 75 can count on additional money. According to the calculations of the portal, the average priest then increases to 5 thousand zlotys. In turn, the bishop can count on up to 10,000 in this case. According to , it is worth knowing that in both cases – both benefits from ZUS and those from the Church Fund, the funds come from the state.

In 2023, the government is to allocate as much as PLN 216 million to the Church Fund. For comparison, in 2022 it was 192.8 million.

Source: Gazeta

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