A few minutes passed for the man from Guayaquil Henry Alvarado I managed to assimilate that he was the winner of the fourth season of Master Chef Ecuador. “I dreamed of reaching a final, but winning it? Well, it came true”, said the champion Teleamazon.

Henry the big winner of ‘MasterChef Ecuador’ fourth season; women still don’t win the competition

The news was received in a restaurant in Quito, from where the final of the reality gastronomy, along with his other three companions Sonnia, Victoria and Alexandra.

Let’s not forget that the production is including three alternate endings, to prevent the real winner’s name from leaking out.

Henry was the grand final winner of ‘MasterChef Ecuador’ fourth season. Photo: Teleamazonas

Already with balanced emotions, Henry managed to utter his first words as a champion. “I want to thank the chefs, because without their earphones I really couldn’t have raised the bar. I also want to thank my colleagues, who helped each other ”, he said in an interview for Teleamazonas social networks.

“The award is not just mine, the award is dedicated to all those people who had the dream, to all those participants who had the dream to get that trophy and couldn’t. From that trophy that I win, there is a small piece for each ”, added Henry, still moved.

He said he dedicated the award to his mother, his father, his grandmother who always supported him.

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The awards ceremony was not broadcast on the signal’s Teleamazon just like the previous edition, but it was broadcast live on Instagram.

Trophy in hand, the winner spoke of the perseverance he always showed from the start to pour what has he done for him reality. “Often they were attempts to get on a cooking show… I was on the second season, I remember so much I brought seafood rice and it had gotten too sour. I never gave up and set myself a goal to get to the next (season) to do a good job and go to the auditions again, I was selected for the next one to pourI have not classified (…) ”, he reviewed.

But this penultimate failed attempt made him question the chief’s advice. Jorge Raushwho had asked him why he didn’t make rice. “I went again, I went to the fourth season, with the mission that I had to bring a rice that I promised chef Jorge Rausch, I fulfilled my dream and was able to enter the MasterChef kitchens”

Henry proudly said he came from the countryside where he works with the land. “When I came in most of them didn’t give a dime for me. I went with Creole food, with grandma’s food, auntiesince I was a kid, I watched them prepare…,” said the winner, who comes from a family of more than 150 members.

“I went with the goal of not being the first to leave, to turn 18… I took him, I perfected the dishes, they packed my cheek with a rice pudding, that’s my grandmother’s rice with chele, the best I’ve ever tasted,” he said.

The winner indicated that the prize money will be used in his dream to open a restaurant.

Former participants were also present at the award ceremony, such as Jamil, Sol, Raul and Andres.

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Henry earned the title with a menu inspired by the regions of Ecuador. A work with which the jury emphasized its evolution, technique and successful tastes.

What does Henry win?

The winner receives one cash prize of $20,000, a haute cuisine course international culinary artsbonus of miles from Club Miles and Diners Club masterclasses. Next to an Chery Tiggo 7 Pro vehicle. Also Banco Pichincha gives you a savings account with $2,500.

Among the other awards, the sponsor pronaca will deliver a year’s worth of products made by the brand worth $5,000. And the Umco brand gives you one set of products.

Movistar also gives you one Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a plan year. For his part, super maxi is present again with one-year purchase orders for $3,000.

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