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She gave birth to a daughter when she was 15.  Now she is the youngest grandmother in the country

She gave birth to a daughter when she was 15. Now she is the youngest grandmother in the country

Kelly Healey has become the youngest grandmother in Britain. She had a grandson at the age of 30. Her daughter had a baby when she was 14. Now the boy is 5 years old, and his grandmother willingly gives interviews in which she talks about the hardships of raising a child by a teenager.

Kelly Healey from Great Britain has five children. In 2018, her 14-year-old daughter announced that she was expecting a baby. until 36 weeks she was unaware she was pregnant. Kelly decided to support her daughter, although as she admits, she never expected to become a grandmother at such a young age.

She became a grandmother at the age of 30. People think it’s her son

When Kelly Healey was 16, she gave birth to daughter Skye. History came full circle and at the age of 14, Skye became the mother of little Bailey. Thus, Kelly became a grandmother at the age of 30. So far, the youngest grandmother in the UK was Gemma Skinner from Amersham, who had a grandchild at the age of 33. Kelly broke that record. In an interview with “The Sun”, the 30-year-old says that when she walks down the street with her grandson, other women approach her and say that she has a cute son. For Healey, that’s a compliment. – My friends think it’s funny that I have a grandson. People think it’s my son – Kelly.

She did not know she was pregnant until the 9th month. Her food cravings disturbed her

Skye didn’t realize she was inside her until 36 weeks. The calculations show that it was only at the beginning of the 9th month that she found out that she was expecting a child. “I’ve always had fluctuating periods, so the lack of it didn’t bother me. And I didn’t gain much weight,” she said. Skye discovered she was pregnant because she had food cravings. “I drank a lot of banana milkshakes, which was weird,” the 14-year-old later said. The child’s father was Skye’s age and came from the same town.

The 14-year-old could count on her mother’s support. She was with her during the birth

When Kelly found out about her daughter’s pregnancy, she was shocked. Despite everything, she tried to keep a cool head and support a teenager who was afraid of her mother’s reaction. “I immediately called her and said, ‘Skye, I’m your mom and I love you. I will always support you and you can tell me anything, ”the young grandmother confessed. The 14-year-old had a hard time giving birth. She admitted it was the worst pain she had ever experienced in her life. The baby was wrapped in the umbilical cord, so a cesarean section had to be performed. The teenager was always accompanied by her mother.

Today the boy is 5 years old. – Bailey is charming, energetic and funny. I love him very much but I wouldn’t want him to have a child at 13.

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