2023 started well for the various manufacturing sectors, whose sales last January increased by 8% compared to January 2022, according to a study by the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil (CCG).

In its analysis, the syndicate found that last January’s sales, including local and export sales, were about $16.385 million, surpassing those of the first month of 2022, which were $15.213 million; and those from 2021 with 29% ($12,743 million).

According to a study by the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil, sales increased in 18 of the 24 provinces. Pichincha and Guayas are leading the increase

When the different branches of production activities are classified, it is evident that the one that experienced the best development last January was trade with $6,541 million, 5% more than in 2021 ($6,257 million) and 23% more than in 2021 ($5,335 million). .

Wholesale purchases stood out the most with $3,925 million, followed by retail sales with $1,849 million and vehicle sales with $767 million, the latter recording the highest growth compared to January 2022 (13%) and January 2021 (33%).

After the commercial sector, it was manufacturing that showed the best numbers last January with sales of $2,562 million, 4% more than in January 2022 and 25% more than 2021.

Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing followed with an increase of 6%, mines and quarries with 23% and the one that grew the most in that month with 29%: transport and storage. On the other hand, the activity that grew the least was administrative services with only 3%, with 236 million dollars in sales.

Meanwhile, the only activity to show a decline was healthcare at -7%, falling from $300 million (2022) to $280 million last January.

Sales grew in all sectors between 1% and up to 37%, according to official data

Meanwhile, in the provinces, sales increased in 18 out of 24 across the country. Those that grew the most in sales are Pichincha and Guayas with 7% and 6%, respectively, compared to January 2022; although compared to January 2021, the growth is 29% and 28%.

Pichincha earned $6.457 million in sales last January, while Guayas had $5.840 million. In Pichincha, Quito was the city that recorded the highest sales with an increase of 7% from $5.915 million. Meanwhile, in Guayas, there was Guayaquil with the same growth, but with sales of $4.555 million.

Santa Elena was the province that showed the biggest drop in sales with -9% ($85 million) compared to $94 million in 2022. Followed by Bolívar (-7%); and Morona Santiago and Los Ríos with -6% each.