Yes Peter Pascal He is the actor of the moment, his co-star in The last of us, Bella Ramsey, don’t lag behind. Her portrayal of Ellie in the HBO series has been outraged by audiences and critics alike. The show was also immediately renewed for a second season, which still doesn’t have a premiere date, but will see Ramsey and Pascal return in their roles as Ellie and Joel.

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Ramsey had his first major role in the series Game of Thrones in 2016, where she played the young one Lyanna Mormont, head of the Mormont family after his mother’s death. Ramsey appeared in 9 episodes in total. His character was very popular, and the American media The Hollywood Reporter designated Ramsey as one of the most outstanding actresses in the sixth season of the HBO mega production.

Since then he had a full work schedule: he starred in the movie Catherine called Birdiedirected by Lena Dunham in 2022, and also stars in Judy, the biopic of actress Judy Garland. He also dabbled in voice acting in the series and animated film Hilda and the Mountain Kind.

However, the role she will be long remembered for is that of Ellie Williams in The last of usHBO series based on the studio’s video game of the same name Bad Dog and published by Sony. The series takes place in a world ravaged by a fungal infection that turns humans into humanoid creatures. zombiewhose only impulse is to violate people.

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Immune to the infection, Ellie, Ramsey’s character, embarks on a journey across the country with Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, who represents a reluctant father figure to Ellie.

Ramsey has been praised by the press and public for her role in the series, but that wasn’t always the case. When HBO announced that the British performer would be Ellie, many fans on the internet opposed the decision, citing that the actress bore no resemblance to the video game character.

The constant criticism hit him. In an interview with the magazine GQ, the young actress remembered the comments on networks before the series even premiered: she got used to reading the audience’s messages on networks for hours. “You spend your time looking for a comment that is even more hurtful than the last one,” he said. “I was kidding myself that I was joking.”

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He has also spoken about his gender identity. In a profile made by the American newspaper The New York Times, Ramsey said she identifies as non-binary, that is, she doesn’t necessarily identify with the traits associated solely with masculinity or femininity, or identifies with both, or neither. In Ramsey’s case, she doesn’t mind being referred to with female pronouns, nor does she mind portraying women on screen.