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After two failed marriages, he lost faith in love.  He found happiness at the side of an acquaintance from years ago

After two failed marriages, he lost faith in love. He found happiness at the side of an acquaintance from years ago

The role in the cult series “Świat according to Kiepski” brought Andrzej Grabowski great popularity. Although he entertained the audience to tears, his private life was not always full of joy. After two failed marriages, he suffered from loneliness. When he met an acquaintance from years ago, fate smiled at him again.

Andrzej Grabowski is one of the most popular Polish actors, and his comedic roles have permanently entered the history of Polish television. Despite numerous successes on the screen, his private life did not spoil him. The artist has two failed marriages behind him. When he completely lost faith in love, an acquaintance from years ago appeared on his way.

Andrzej Grabowski stood in front of the altar twice. Both relationships ended in failure

Andrzej Grabowski met his first wife while still a student. Anna Tomaszewska immediately turned his head, so he did everything to attract attention. At one point, he even pretended to be Marek Grechuta just to win her favor, but she remained unmoved. “It never occurred to me that in a few years he would be my husband. Yes, he courted me like all girls, but my heart was elsewhere—years later. After graduation, they met again, this time in the theater in Tarnów. Then there was a spark between them.

The couple got married in 1982, and soon after their first daughter, Zuzanna, was born. The couple led a peaceful and happy life. Eight years after the birth of the first child, the family was enlarged by another child, Katarzyna. However, over time, the excess of professional duties made their ties weaken, which eventually led to a divorce, which was finalized in 2008.

The second chosen one was Anita Kruszewska, 18 years younger. They got married in 2009 and have been married for almost a decade. The actor’s relatives claimed that he was finally happy, and he himself emphasized that it was the love of his life. Unexpectedly, the couple announced their separation, and the make-up artist accused Grabowski in the media that she could not rely on him when she was in the hospital after suffering a stroke twice. The artist denied these allegations. “When I found out about her condition, I took care of her. I visited her in the hospital, accompanied her when she had tests done, cooked meals for her — Grabowski.

After parting with his second wife, he suffered from loneliness. He found happiness with a friend from years ago

After parting, the actor was alone for several months. In interviews, he emphasized bitterness that he had failed to create a lasting relationship. “I’d rather not have the baggage of two marriages, two divorces. I’d rather have the baggage of a happy marriage, the same wife who grows old with me, loves me, and I love her. But I did not succeed – he said in “Gala”. However, fate smiled at him again when his friend from years ago, Aldona Grochal, stood in his way. The artist was in a long-term relationship with Zbigniew Ruciński until his death in 2018. Only after a year of mourning was she ready to open herself to a new love.

The couple started dating and they realized more and more how much they had in common. Today, Aldona Grochal and Andrzej Grabowski create a happy relationship. Her presence in the actor’s life made him regain joy and believe in love.

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