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He appeared in “Chance for Success” and then went to a concert.  Three days later, Bogus³aw Mec died

He appeared in “Chance for Success” and then went to a concert. Three days later, Bogus³aw Mec died

He appeared in “Chance for Success” and then went to a concert.  Three days later, Bogus³aw Mec died

Bogus³aw Mec became a star immediately after his debut. Although in 2001 he was diagnosed with leukemia, the artist did not stop giving concerts. Music turned out to be his medicine. He performed for the last time in front of his fans three days before his death.

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Bogusław Mec struggled with leukemia for a long time, but decided to devote himself entirely to music. He played his last concert three days before his death.

Bogusław Mec did not have an easy life. His origins have been pointed out to him since he was a child

Bogusław Mec was born on January 21, 1947 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The artist’s father had German roots, so the singer and his sister often heard insults such as “You Schwabie” thrown at them. At some point, the family decided to change their surname from Metz to Mec, but the musician was still often ostracized by the local society.

The situation was a bit better in high school and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Before taking up music, Mec was great at painting and fashion design. However, in those days, work related to styling and modeling in Poland was not very lucrative. – A fashion designer, when I was studying, he didn’t have much to say. – artist. – Jeans were not imported to Poland, because according to prominent traders brought up in the ranks of the party, “trousers without creases will not be accepted here” – he admitted in one of the interviews.

For this reason, he decided to perform at “Debuts” during the 20th Polish Song Festival in Opole. There he performed the song “Her portrait”, which turned out to be an immediate hit. The singer won the plebiscite and his career gained momentum. After his first success, he started performing with Czes³aw Niemen. Bogusław Mec’s greatest hits include: “From great shyness”, “In the white silence of eyelids”, or “Seems to be”.

He fought the disease for years. Music was the best medicine for him

In 2001, Bogusław Mec was diagnosed with leukemia. The cancer has also spread to the artist’s lungs and spine. Despite this, he did not stop touring, and she became his medicine. His wife and daughter were also a great support to him. He met Jolanta in 1977. – He asked me to dance, although as it turned out, he hated to dance. He said dancing men were funny – his partner. They had a daughter, Luiza.

When Bogusław Mec’s condition worsened, he even took morphine to be able to perform in front of the audience. He continued to perform despite his illness. – I told him: Remember God, you can’t die, you can’t do this to me. Hang on for another year, maybe they’ll find a cure. his wife recalled. Four days before his death, the musician appeared in the “Chance of Success” program. The next day, he played his last concert at the Cultural Center in Kolbudy near Gdańsk. The artist died on March 11, 2012 in Zgierz.

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