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For years they kidnapped, raped and murdered.  The “devil’s assistant” checked the “cleanliness” of the girls

For years they kidnapped, raped and murdered. The “devil’s assistant” checked the “cleanliness” of the girls

Michel Fourniret is a French serial killer and pedophile who was nicknamed “The Ogre of the Arden”. Without a doubt, he was one of the most dangerous criminals of our time. It turns out that the man had the support of his wife, Monique Olivier, during the crime. The public called her the devil’s assistant. What part did the woman have in the whole process?

Many people listen with disbelief to the story of the serial killer and pedophile Michel Fourniret, because he was one of the cruelest criminals in France. But when they find out about his wife, Monique Olivier, who helped him kidnap and rape young girls and women, then everything changes for them. How could a woman, a mother, allow all this? Was she a pawn in his hands or an accomplice?

Bloodcurdling murders. Michel Fourniret brutally raped and murdered young women

In the years 1987-2003, Michel Fourniret prowled across France and Belgium, where he kidnapped, raped and then murdered girls and young women. At the beginning of his criminal activity, he acted alone. While he was in prison for sex crimes, he published a short ad in a Catholic magazine. These were then read by 38-year-old Monique Olivier. The woman corresponded with Michel for ten months. This is how their bond and love was born. The man knew from the very beginning that after leaving prison he would want to return to his criminal activities and with the help of Olivier.

However, their original purpose has changed. Fourniret was not only to sexually abuse women and children, but also to murder them in cold blood. Monique was allegedly actively involved in kidnappings, luring young girls and women by holding her child on her lap. Sometimes she also verified the “purity” (i.e. virginity) of the victims. Finally, Michel fell in 2003 during an attempt to kidnap a tenth girl. While he was in custody, the police decided to question and press his wife to get as much information as possible about the crimes committed. Monique admitted that her partner killed eight women aged 12 to 30 in France and Belgium.

Monique Olivier – the devil’s assistant or a pawn in the brutal husband’s game?

At the very beginning of the auditions, Monique Olivier played the easily manipulated, submissive wife. She stubbornly insisted that she was only following her husband’s orders. He, in turn, claimed to be as intelligent as a “lobotomy chicken”. The services also did not have the best opinion of her intellect at first. Over time, however, it came to light that Olivier may have enjoyed the murders. In bed, the couple would recreate all the crimes they had committed. Over time, it turned out that Olivier is a completely different person than the one she portrayed herself as.

The very fact that her IQ is 130 proves her above-average intelligence. Prosecutors in the case even came to the conclusion that she could actually direct the crimes and manipulate her spouse.

Moniqe Olivier thought that if she cooperated with and presented her version of events, and also put herself in the role of a “victim”, she would avoid potential punishment. But they were not deceived by her.

Monique Olivier sentenced

At a trial in 2008, a jury found Monique Olivier guilty of complicity in several murders and rapes, and attempted rape. The woman was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 28 years, which means that she will not be eligible for parole until 2032.

Some wondered if her relationship with Michel had survived. The couple divorced shortly after her arrest.

Interestingly, in prison, Moniqe admitted to one of her fellow prisoners that the number of victims of her and her ex-husband exceeded 30. This year, the woman is to face another three disappearances.

Document “Monique Olivier: The Devil’s Assistant” you can watch on Netflix.

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