More of 14 million viewers The musical ‘Aladdin’ has been enjoyed all over the world. Now your carpet lands in Spain, specifically in Madrid, where it will be exhibited from March 24. The musical tells the story of the young Aladdin, who with the help of an all-powerful genie undertakes an adventure in which he will test his will, also finding love.

A classic of literature and cinema that in the theater will bring the public closer to a more contemporary version. “I wrote this in a goal book a few years ago, and all of a sudden…it happened.” Wish granted for actor David Comrie, in charge of embodying the genius, one of Disney’s most iconic characters. “Is a lot of responsibility, but I’m trying to do my bit in this,” the actor told laSexta.

The actors Roc Bernadí and Jana Gómez they play Aladdin and Jasmine. “The magic thing is to feel lucky to be the one who embodies this character and have the opportunity to teach this story to the people through us”, he explained in statements to la Sexta Bernadí.

“My character has been given greater decision-making power, independence, maturitystrength… and as a woman she is a little more empowered”, highlights Gómez, as you can see in the video on these lines.