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Some love and some hate.  This trend has returned to fashion with a big bang

Some love and some hate. This trend has returned to fashion with a big bang

In the world of fashion, trends like to come back, but each time in a slightly different form. In order to create such a styling, it is enough to have pants that are made of a material that has conquered the world

Jeans is a timeless material, which is why each of us has various varieties in the wardrobe, from denim trousers to jackets and even shoes. The trend for denim total looks in retro style is back in the fashion world. Such styling consists in wearing clothes mainly made of this material

Jeans have many names. Total look in a modern edition

The contemporary total denim look is characterized by a combination of materials and colors, it’s not about the whole styling being denim, but in a similar blue tone. The gradation of blue is what it’s all about. You will find jeans in light shades falling into white, to dark blue, navy blue falling into black. The most popular color of denim is still blue denim, which you can also wear almost without restrictions.

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Total look in a vintage edition. The great comeback of the 70s

If you’re planning to complete a denim total look this season, start by finding the perfect pair of jeans. You can bet on fashionable next season flared jeans. Most often they have a high waist that emphasizes the waist. Another style of retro pants are mom jeans, which are characterized by a higher waist, wider legs with narrowing at the ankles.

How to style the total look? Inspiration and ideas

In the total look, it is important that the clothes that we combine have the same texture or color. If you want to style yourself in a retro style, it’s worth betting on trousers and an oversize jacket made of the same material. Denim dungarees and dresses that will match turtlenecks or colorful shirts are back in trend.


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