anuel aa is already a dad and Yail’s most viral he made sure the world knew. With an extensive dedication on Instagram, the new mom announced the news of the birth cattleya shared a photo of the moment, with the image covering the baby’s face: “From the moment you were born, our hearts exploded with joy and we haven’t stopped being excited every time we look at you.”

Inside the post are two photos: one of mom, dad and baby; and another one from annual Giving her support after the birth, she with a smile on her face. This comes after the singer announced in February that his short-lived marriage was over and that his fans It is speculated that they were not on good terms, as she reportedly unfollowed him on Instagram NY Journal.

The breakup of Anuel AA and Yailin is not on good terms: the ex-wife of the reggaeton player stopped following him on the networks after he left her abandoned while fully pregnant

“It is sad that she is pregnant and we can be together, we currently have a family under one roof, but because of things in life we ​​are not together. That’s my daughter’s mother. It will always be my family. I will support her in her music. She has a chance to be a great artist,” he said artist in the video.

As can be seen in the photo shared this March 13, anuel aa They will continue to support her, whether in her career or in the personal sphere, because apart from being the mother of her daughter, they are still colleagues. “We are happy to think about the moments we will share together, in your first steps, your first words, your first laugh. The idea that we are a part of your life and that you are a part of ours gives us satisfaction,” added the rapper in the post.

cattleya is the oldest of Yailin, while it would be his third child. Interpreter of she wants to drink is the father Pablo Anuel, The 9-year-old son he had with his first girlfriend, Astrid Cuevas; his second daughter, on the other hand, comes with a complicated context: the artist denies that the model Melissa Vallecilla to be the mother of his “unacknowledged daughter”, even though she assured him that he had acknowledged it and even promised to take care of it; but, until he confirms it, it is taken as slander.

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While anuel aa He focused all his attention on his new daughter, and followers congratulate both of them on the great news: “It speaks well of him that he was there at such an important moment for her even though they are no longer together. God bless that princess.” (AND)