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Three insane stylizations for women over 50.  They will be perfect for Easter!

Three insane stylizations for women over 50. They will be perfect for Easter!

These stylizations are a guaranteed wow effect. They look spectacular and extremely original. They will be perfect for women over 50 who are looking for something beautiful for Easter and appreciate classics, comfort and originality.

Easter is fast approaching, and this is an opportunity to choose an elegant and trendy stylization. We can go crazy with the color and cut, play with the form and take full advantage of spring inspirations. On the one hand, Easter can mean elegant outfits for some, and phenomenal dresses for others. I chose three top stylizations from famous bloggers, which will be perfect for ladies after


First, the suit. Bet on a strong color that emphasizes the character

One of the hottest colors this year is orange. Emanating with energy, juicy and invigorating, it illuminates the face and attracts attention, but for many women it is too intense. In that case, we can treat the trend in our own way and bet on a slightly more subdued shade, falling into rust. The second fashionable spring trend is a suit, but in a new version. Currently, we focus on wide bell-shaped or palazzo trousers and fancifully tied jackets that emphasize the waist and camouflage the tummy. An orange women’s suit will be the perfect outfit for Easter.

Secondly, a classic. Forget about old solutions

We often choose a white shirt and a pencil skirt for formal occasions. It’s a fashion classic that never disappoints, but it’s worth reinterpreting this set in spring. Instead of a shirt, let’s look for a white blouse with puff sleeves, which will fit not only with a skirt, but also with jeans. A pencil skirt also doesn’t have to be boring if you choose an original color, e.g. pastel. It’s worth mentioning that a pencil skirt below the knee beautifully lengthens and slims the legs.

Thirdly, 50 shades of beige. One element will add a claw to the styling

Finally, something for lovers of subdued colors. Beige and caramel never go out of fashion. These colors are also perfect for spring. Keeping all styling elements in different shades of the same color guarantees a consistent and elegant effect. For Easter, classic cigarillos and a waisted jacket will be perfectthat will spice up the leopard shirt. Classic loafers will be the final touch.

Source: Gazeta

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