Almost a year after Chris Rock and Will Smith clashed at the Oscars, the American comedian continued to make jokes about the actor and his wife Jade.

It was through his Netflix live comedy, ‘Chris Rock: Selective Outrage’, where the man with dark humor mentioned the slap he received from Smith.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

“Many years ago his wife said I had to leave the Oscars. You shouldn’t be cheering because your husband wasn’t nominated for ‘Concussion’. And then he gives me a concussion,” he said.

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Sources say Chris Rock is obsessed with Jada Smith

As a source close to the actress told People magazine, Jada does not portray anything in the tension that exists between the two actors.

“Chris is obsessed with her and has been for 30 years,” the source said. “Look at where he filmed his Netflix special. It’s his hometown (Baltimore). Obsession.”

Jada Pinkett Smith hopes that Will Smith and Chris Rock will reconcile.

As for what Chris mentioned about giving up on the Oscars, this insider also indicated that it was a lie.

He assured that Jada 2016 questioned the small number of people of color who were nominated in each category, but he never asked the comedian not to animate the event and even announced on his social networks that he was the perfect person. that role.

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Chris Rock even insulted Will Smith’s wife

File photo of actress Jade Pinkett Smith. Photo: CAROLINE BREHMAN

Despite this, everything seems to indicate that the negative feelings Rock has for Will Smith’s wife are only growing, as he repeatedly insulted her on his special program for being “the one who starts the problems”.

“I made some jokes about her who cares? It’s like this: she starts, she finishes (…) That’s what the fuck happened. That doesn’t bother anyone per**”, were his words.

Ultimately, the source explained that Jada has turned a deaf ear to the man’s cruelty to her and is simply continuing to focus on projects like publishing a book.