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Sale in Lidl!  Stylish bedroom sets for PLN 49.90.  Ikea and Gomla sell similar ones

Sale in Lidl! Stylish bedroom sets for PLN 49.90. Ikea and Gomla sell similar ones

A popular proverb is “As you make your bed, so you will lie down”. In Lidl’s future offer, I noticed really interesting bedding sets.

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In addition to many groceries, garden products, and even in the Lidl chain of stores, we will also get practical products for the home. One of them is, for example, bedding, which is a very important element of bedroom equipment. In addition, it also affects the quality of sleep. Similar sets are offered by other popular brands.


Lidl sells bedding sets. Perfect for spring

Calendar spring will start in just a few days. Vivid and warm colors will begin to appear in women’s stylizations, but such colors are also worth introducing to your bedroom for this period. Only on Thursday, March 9, we will get a set of satin microfiber bedding in Lidl stores. The product is characterized by floral patterns and different sizes of individual pillowcases.

linen from Lidl screen

Ikea also sells bedding. Interesting model

I also found a variety of bedding sets in Ikea stores. One of the local models is distinguished by its botanical form. The set includes a large duvet cover sized 150/200 cm and a smaller pillowcase 50×60 cm. The bedding is made of a mixture of recycled polyester and natural cotton, thanks to which it breathes well and absorbs moisture.

Ikea beddingIkea bedding screen

A practical set from Gomel. And it’s on promotion

The third bedding proposal is a copy from the Gomel chain. It is a set characterized by warm colors and a cozy atmosphere. Such a set will be perfect for virtually any bedroom decor, becoming a desirable complement. The set includes three duvet covers: a 200×220 duvet cover and two 70×80 cm pillowcases.

Gomel beddingGomel bedding screen

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