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Tattoos cover almost half of her body.  She confessed why she wanted more of them.  “Works like plaster”

Tattoos cover almost half of her body. She confessed why she wanted more of them. “Works like plaster”

Mrs Inked UK’s body is almost half covered with tattoos. He does them to hide the imperfections that make him feel bad in his skin. Although he already has so many that he does not know the exact number, he has no intention of stopping tattooing.

She got her first tattoo at the age of 16. Now he is 33 and his body is over 45 percent painted. Still, he’s not going to stop there. Her plans assume that by the time she is forty there will be many more.

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She wants her body to be 80 percent. tattoos covered. “They work like plaster”

A woman known online as Mrs Inked UK admitted that she dreams of being 80% of her body by the time she turns 40. tattoos covered. All because in this way she hides her imperfections that make her complex. He is now 33 years old and has a full side, buttock, leg, hip and arm tattooed and cannot give an exact number of tattoos, but is working on a second sleeve and leg. She performed her first when she was 16. – My confidence has increased since the pandemic. Tattoos cover all my imperfections that I saw in the mirror. They act as a plaster that hides veins, stretch marks and thanks to this I am sure that I can show my skin – she admitted in an interview with . The woman suffered from pulmonary hypertension, which causes her legs to swell greatly. With the help of ink, he distracts attention from them.

When he puts on his work clothes, not a single tattoo is visible. All because of prejudice

Despite her huge love for ink, all Mrs Inked UK tattoos are made so that she can easily hide them under work clothes. She works as a sales and customer service assistant, where she always focuses on elegance. When she’s wearing it, it’s hard to believe that her body is covered in 45 percent. paintings. The woman revealed that she does not intend to decorate her hands, neck or face in this way, because she does not want to face prejudice in the workplace. And these, he argues, come from both sides. Her co-workers think she is extremely elegant and are shocked to find out how many tattoos she has. In turn, other people do not believe that a person with such a tattoo works in management.

A lover of permanent body paints, she posts on TikTok content related to her life, worldview and, of course, tattoos.

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