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This is what a mother feels when she sees her son immerse himself in drugs; ‘Esperanza’, the play that portrays this harsh reality

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“What you are going to see does not have a happy ending. It is the not so beautiful part of being a mother, but it is the necessary one”warns Elena in the first minutes of Hope, a play that portrays the distressing moments that a mother goes through when she discovers that her son is a drug victim. This theatrical piece, written and directed by David Castro-Mosquera opens this Thursday at Paulsen study in co-production with pop up theatre, where it had been presented as a microwork last May.


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The character of the mother is played by the actress Michelle Prendes, while the teenage son, named Isaac, is reincarnated by the actor Sebastian Perdom. The story begins in their house, where late at night the single mother wakes up her son, who has just arrived from a party. This is when the harshest truths are uncovered and with it an avalanche of problems, which Elena did not expect.


“Elena doesn’t know how to react. When she makes the decision to face her son in the course of the play. She not only faces him, but also a decision that will change both of their lives “describes Prendes, in dialogue with this newspaper.

She goes through moments of pain, nostalgia, hope, comedy and fear. “Elena is a brave woman, she is a fighter, she is firm. She makes decisions pretty much based on bravery”He says.

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Playing this character, being a mother in real life, has meant connecting with the real idea of ​​being a parent. “When you are a mother there is this unconditional love, which is a love above all things and in a difficult situation”, it states.

The actress comments that it is a work that achieves a special approach with the viewers, at least that was what she experienced during the season in Pop Up. “There was a girl who told me ‘thank you, because this allows us to see what our children do'”, share.

“It is a very beautiful work, it is a very heartfelt, authentic work”, declares.

‘Esperanza’ is a play that portrays the distressing moments of a mother with a drug-addicted son. Photo: Courtesy

Castro tells this newspaper that for the writing of this dramaturgy he interviewed five mothers who have felt this problem firsthand. “I wrote this work based on the testimony of people close to me who have dealt with relatives with drug problems. It is a sensitive issue (…) many families experience it, but they are not used to telling about it out of shame, out of fear”, recounts.

The message that this proposal seeks to convey is that the love of a mother for her child is unconditional and inexhaustible, and that she always maintains hope for a better future. “The work is called Hope because that is the message that I basically want, that people stay, that this situation, although it is difficult, can be overcome and there is always the hope that the person who suffers it can find their best version. With help, with care, with love, it takes a long time, but there must always be that hope”, explains the playwright, who finds in his own parents an inspiration for each creation. “I am very grateful to them, because they have supported me throughout my career”, ensures.

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That is why he invites the public to go to the theater as a family. “I would love for the public to go see it with their mothers. And let it be an opportunity for everyone to finally grab the mother by the hand and say thank you “, confess.

“It is a work that will touch their hearts. It is a drama, but it also has very funny moments, all told from the perspective of a mother. I also think it’s built in a way that we can all feel related in some way.” Add.

The functions are this Thursday 23, Friday 24 and Saturday 25, at 8:30 p.m. The entrance has a cost of $15. Reservations at 096-018-9636. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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