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Even PLN 7,600.  This is how much the new pension after my husband can amount to.  The left is already collecting signatures

Even PLN 7,600. This is how much the new pension after my husband can amount to. The left is already collecting signatures

The survivor’s pension is in other words a survivor’s pension, which is nothing else than a benefit that a senior woman may opt for after the death of her spouse. Unfortunately, current regulations make it not always profitable. The project of the Left assumes changes in this respect.

Currently, in terms of benefits, after the death of a spouse, a widow has two options: she can collect a survivor’s pension from her deceased husband, which is 85 percent of the widow’s pension. the benefit he is entitled to, or his pension. It often happens that both the first and second options are not enough. The left proposed changes.

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Post-marital retirement. What conditions must be met to receive it?

A senior who wants to receive the so-called a widow, he must resign from his benefit and meet one of the following conditions:

  • at the time of the spouse’s death be over 50 years old or be incapable of work,
  • bring up at least one of the children, grandchildren or siblings entitled to a survivor’s pension after the deceased husband, who are under 16 years of age, and if they are studying at school – 18 years of age,
  • take care of a child completely incapable of work and independent existence or completely incapable of work, entitled to a survivor’s pension,
  • turn 50 or become incapable of work after the husband’s death, but not later than 5 years after his death or after ceasing to bring up children.

Although the name can be misleading, the survivor’s pension is payable not only to the wife or husband of the deceased, but also to other family members, including:

  • Children up to the age of 16, and if they are studying, until the age of 25, or regardless of age, if they became incapable of work before reaching the aforementioned age.
  • Grandchildren and siblings who were taken in at least a year before death for upbringing and maintenance before reaching the age of majority.

At what stage is the “Widow’s Pension”? The left wants to raise 100,000 by the end of March. signatures

The “Widow’s Pension” project assumes new solutions in the field of post-marital pension. The senior could receive both benefits in the amount of:

  • your entire pension and a 50% supplement family pension after the deceased husband,
  • 50 percent own pension and the entire benefit due to the deceased husband.

However, as we read at:

There is an upper limit to the benefit received in the draft and it is three times the average old-age pension, i.e. currently it would be PLN 7,600.

In May 2022, the draft was sent to the parliament, but since then it has been kept in the parliamentary freezer. So nand at the beginning of 2023, the Left applied for the registration of the citizens’ committee and started collecting 100,000. signatures on a civic bill. They have 3 months to do so, which means that it will go to parliament again at the turn of March and April 2023. The planned widow’s pension is to cost about PLN 14 billion, which is about 4 percent. the entire Social Insurance Fund.

Source: Gazeta

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