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3 best flowers for the house.  Everyone can handle them.  It is enough to water them once every 2 weeks

3 best flowers for the house. Everyone can handle them. It is enough to water them once every 2 weeks

What house flowers are the best and easiest to care for? When you are just starting your adventure with plants and you are wondering what flowers to choose for your home, it is worth choosing plants that are easy to care for. These home flowers are a great idea for the forgetful and beginners.

The ideal home flowers for busy, forgetful or beginners are plants that do not have special care requirements. One of such plants is the peace lily, but not only. Below we present what flowers to buy for the house to enjoy the greenery in the apartment and at the same time not spend a lot of time on their care.

Zamiokulkas. It will survive when you forget to water it

Zamiokulkas is a beautiful decorative plant that can grow up to 150 cm in height. It is characterized by low requirements, high resistance to diseases and lack of water, so it is a great plant for the forgetful. When we forget to water it, its leaves wrinkle slightly, but when we give the flower water, it will recover quickly. Zamiokulkas should stand in a semi-shady or shady place. Too much sunlight will cause brown spots to appear on the leaves.

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Aloe. Home flower for beginners

Aloe is characterized by sharply pointed leaves. It is a beautiful ornamental plant that we gladly buy as decorative flowers for the home. It is trivial to grow, so it is great for beginners. Resistant to drought, tolerates periods without watering well. It likes light and sunlight, so it can stand on the windowsill, but it can also cope with places with more shade. It is enough to water it once every two weeks.

Spathiflora. It can bloom all year round

Spathiphyllum is an exception on this list, as it likes moist soil. In winter, it is worth irrigating it once a week, but in summer we should do it every 2-3 days. Despite this, it is a good choice for people starting their adventure with flower breeding. It does not require great care, and even an unlicensed gardener can handle its cultivation. It is resistant to diseases and pests. can bloom all year round. Likes a bright position, but not in direct sunlight. In addition, spathiflora perfectly cleans the air.

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