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Biden lost his wife and daughter years ago.  Later his son died.  “This pain doesn’t go away.”  The Tragic Story of the President of the United States

Biden lost his wife and daughter years ago. Later his son died. “This pain doesn’t go away.” The Tragic Story of the President of the United States

Joe Biden will fly to Warsaw next week to hold talks on aid to Ukraine and the reconfiguration of NATO’s eastern flank. The president of the United States, who today enjoys worldwide recognition, has tragic events in his biography. Get to know his sad story.

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Joe Biden and his first wife Neilia were married on August 27, 1966. They met while on vacation in Florida and instantly hit it off. Later in interviews, Biden did not hide that it was she who helped him spread his wings in the political arena. As he emphasized, she was “the brain behind his rapid political development” and “a more instinctive policewoman than himself.”

Ambitious, charming and full of energy, Neilia not only supported her husband in his bid for senator, but she was also an excellent mother. Together they raised three children: Beau, Hunter and Naomi. Unfortunately, their idyll did not last long. Just before Biden was sworn in for his first term in the Senate, tragedy struck.

Joe Biden lost his wife and daughter years ago. “It’s not a pain that goes away”

On December 18, 1972, Neilia put the children in the car and they set out to do some Christmas shopping. In a cheerful atmosphere, they bought a Christmas tree and around 2:30 p.m., driving west on Valley Road, they turned onto a small road.

Moments later, only Biden election posters and corncobs were scattered on the street. A tractor trailer hit them. Neilia and Naomi were pronounced dead at the scene, while three-year-old Beau and two-year-old Robert Hunter were hospitalized. The older boy had a broken leg and the younger boy had a small skull fracture. Biden was preparing to move to Washington at the time.

When I hired workers in Washington, I received a call. My wife and kids were doing Christmas shopping. The truck followed them. She killed my wife and daughter

he recalled years later. He felt that his life had lost its meaning. Years later, he admitted that he had contemplated suicide. However, he found the strength within himself to survive for his sons.

I really thought about what would happen if I just went to the Delaware Memorial Bridge and jumped to finish myself off. However, I didn’t even have the courage to get into the car to get close to the bridge (…) I don’t drink alcohol at all. I’ve never even had a small drink. But I remember at that time I took out a bottle of gin and put it on the kitchen table. However, I decided not to pour myself a glass. In fact, my sons saved my life

he said in a documentary broadcast by CNN.

Two and a half years after his wife’s death, he met Jill Jacobs. It was his brother who set them up on a blind date.

I dated men in T-shirts, jeans and clogs at the time. And suddenly he came in, wearing a sports coat and smart loafers. I thought to myself, ‘God, this is not going to work.’ He was nine years older than me, but we went to the movies, and when he walked me home, he shook my hand goodbye. I immediately called my mum and said, “I finally met a gentleman.”

– said Jill in an interview with the magazine “Vogue”. In 1997 they got married. Jill has only accepted Biden’s fifth proposal. Four years later, they had a daughter, Ashley.

Unfortunately, another tragedy was in the air. In 2010, the president’s beloved son Beau Biden had a minor stroke. Three years later, a small piece of damaged tissue was removed from his brain. His condition deteriorated dramatically in 2015. On May 20, 2015, he was hospitalized. It turned out he had brain cancer. He died on May 31, 2015.

Beau fought cancer with the same dignity, courage and strength he displayed every day of his life

– said the US president after his death. The death of his son was a great tragedy for him. To this day, he returns to her in many interviews.

This pain doesn’t go away

he said on the Super Soul Sunday podcast.

In turn, in an interview with CNN, he emphasized that before his death he promised his son that he would not withdraw from political activities.

He knew that I would take care of my family, but he was worried that I would hide in a shell and not let the outside world in. It took me a long time to realize what my current driving force is. To wake up every day and say to myself, I hope he’s proud of me

he said.

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