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Kardashian and Thunberg in one comedy. The first deep fake series makes fun of celebrities

Would you like to see famous people in completely new roles? They don’t have to be actors, and there is no need for them to appear on the set – thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, a series was created in which activist Greta Thunberg is a teenage mother and celebrity Kim Kardashian drives a bus. Absurd ideas of creators are freely available. Deep Fake Neighbor Wars is available to watch on the ITV streaming platform.


What is a deep fake?

“Deep Fake Neighbor Wars” consists of six 30-minute episodes, the plot of which is limited only by the creators’ imagination. They used the controversial deep fake technology, which makes it possible to imitate the facial expressions or tone of voice of any person whose information has been processed by artificial intelligence. It is most often used to create funny memes, but it is also used for disinformation, being useful, among others, in with fake news or the creation of fictitious pornographic films with the participation of selected people. In order for a fabricated recording to be created, it is enough for the computer to process a certain number of photos and recordings, and then superimpose them to create the desired effect. In January, the first deep fake television series premiered. It evokes both laughter and anxiety. Viewers ask first of all – is it ethical?

We will see not only celebrities on the screen

The comedy processes the images of public figures, but often presents them in mocking situations, contrasting with the activities they perform on a daily basis. On the screen we will see contemporary stars of music, including Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, Beyonce and Ariana Grande or film – including Conor McGregor and Idris Elba, and even activist Greta Thunberg or athlete Usain Bolt. All these seemingly unrelated characters have one thing in common – none of them agreed to use their image in the way Deep Fake Neighbor Wars does. Elba and Kardashian are neighbors who live in Catford, as are Grande and McGregor, complained about by single mother Thunberg. Some are of the opinion that we are dealing with a pop culture phenomenon, others – that it is a field for abuse.


This program tests the limits. Must make it clear that the Deep Fake photos are not real and make it clear that they are not sponsored or endorsed by the people portrayed in them. This is usually not a problem if the comedy explicitly makes fun of celebrities as parody and pastiche. However, the high quality of the technology used increases the risk of problems.

– commented in response to the mixed opinions of viewers, lawyer Ron Moscona. The creators do not intend to hide the fact that the series is fabricated. Appropriate marking informing viewers about the use of deep fake technology is displayed on the screen at all times, to prevent the spread of fragments out of context. In the following episodes, viewers will see: Mark Wahlberg as a beekeeper or newlyweds Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland at odds with Mark Zuckerberg.

Source: Gazeta


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